Goldstein Named Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Adelphi, Md. (July 19, 2006)-Irwin L. Goldstein has been named senior vice chancellor for academic affairs for the University System of Maryland (USM), USM Chancellor William E. Kirwan announced today. Goldstein has served as the system's vice chancellor for academic affairs since 2003. His title change is intended to reflect the primacy of USM's academic mission and the vital role that Goldstein plays as a member of the system leadership team.

"We are so fortunate to have a person of Irv Goldstein's caliber as the system's chief academic officer," Kirwan said. "He has earned the trust and confidence of the regents, the presidents and their provosts, and the entire USM community. His broad academic experience and the wisdom he has gained through many years of successful academic administration make him an extraordinary asset for the system.

"This new title codifies the role he is already playing as a member of the USM leadership team. It also indicates the greater responsibilities he will assume as we begin the second phase of our Effectiveness and Efficiency (E&E) agenda."

Launched in 2004, E&E is a comprehensive effort to optimize the use of system resources. E&E's second phase will focus on academic initiatives that enhance quality and reduce cost.

Before coming to the system office in 2003, Goldstein served for 12 years as professor and dean of the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. As an organizational psychologist, Goldstein also works with organizations on resolving issues related to employment discrimination.

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