Board of Regents
Committee on Education Policy
June 1, 2005
9:30 a.m.
University System of Maryland Office

Action Items

  1. New Academic Program Proposals.
    1. TU: Master of Science in Homeland Security Management and Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Security Assessment.
    2. UMCP: Master of Mathematics of Advanced Industrial Technology.
    3. UMCP: Bachelor of Science in International Business.
    4. UMUC: Master of Science in Health Administration.
  2. Establishment of a School of Aging Studies at UMBC.
  3. Amendment of II-1.00 USM Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty to Add to the List of Approved Ranks in Section III the Title of "[Institution] Professor."
  4. Guidelines on Non-USM Institutions Offering Programs at USM Regional Centers.
  5. Information/Discussion Items

  6. Reorganization of Academic Departments at UMBC.
  7. Update on the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center.
  8. Reports on Academic Advising:
    1. Coppin State University: Ms. Vell H. Lyles, Associate Vice President: Enrollment Management, and Ms. Jackie L. Knight, Director, Freshman & Undeclared Major Advisement.
    2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Ms. Yvette Mozie-Ross, Director of Admissions and Orientation.
    3. University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Dr. Shirley Hymon-Parker, Chair, Department of Human Ecology.
  9. Campus Crime Reports.
  10. Update on Implementation of Recommendations of Financial Aid Task Force.
  11. Summary of Program Actions Taken by Chancellor Under Delegation of Authority, 2004-2005.