February 18, 2005
Universities at Shady Grove
9630 Gudelsky Drive, Education Building 2


A. Call to Order - Regent Kendall

B. Welcome from Executive Director Dr. Stewart Edelstein

C. Committee of the Whole

1. Approval of Minutes from the December 10, 2004 meeting (action)

Approval of the Minutes from the Special Meeting of January 26, 2005 (action)

2. Chancellor Kirwan's Report

3. Revision to the CUSS Constitution (action)

4. UMCP and USM Energy Procurement (action)

D. Report of the Councils

1. Council of University System Presidents - President Bogomolny

2. Council of University System Faculty - Dr. Richardson

3. Council of University System Staff - Mr. Crockett

4. University System Student Council - Mr. Aragon

E. Education Policy Committee - Regent Florestano

1. Minutes of January 26, 2005 meeting

2. New Program Proposals (action)

    • UB: B.A. in Human Services Administration
    • UMCP: Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition
    • UMCP: Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) and Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Professional Studies

3. USM Policy on the Admission of First-Time Freshmen in the Spring Semester (action)

4. USM Policy on Alternative Means of Earning Academic Degree Credit (action)

5. USM Policy on Standard Credit Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree Programs (action)

6. Teacher Education: Support for Funding of Professional Development Schools (action)

7. Technology Fluency Implementation Reports (information)

8. Annual Report of the Office of Civil Rights Partnership Agreement (information)

9. Reports on Academic Advising (Information)

    • Frostburg State University
    • University of Maryland University College

10. No Child Left Behind and Higher Education (Information)

11. Virginia Initiative on Early College Credits (Information)

12. Opening Fall Enrollments, 2004 (Information)

F. Committee on Organization and Compensation - Regent Finan

1. Status of MOU's with Bargaining Units

G. Report of the Workgroups

1. Capital Campaign Work Group - Regent Houghton

2. E&E Work Group Report - Regent Kendall

H. Adjournment