Board of Regents

Committee on Education Policy

March 15, 2006

9:30 a.m.

Coppin State University

Baltimore, Maryland


Action Items

  1. New Program Proposals.
    1. CSU: Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences with a Concentration in Health Information Management.
    2. SU: Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution.
    3. SU: Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems in Public Administration.
    4. UB: Bachelor of Science in Real Estate & Economic Development.
    5. UMUC: Bachelor of Science in Investigative Forensics.
    6. UMUC: Bachelor of Science in Political Science.

    Information/Discussion Items

  2. Report on Retention and Graduation in the USM.
  3. USM Enrollment Projections, 2006-2015.
  4. Update on E+E Activities: Academic Candidate Items.
  5. Status Report on Institutional Practices for Alcohol Education.
  6. Biennial Report on Status of Agriculture Programs at UMCP and UMES (2004-2005).