Frostburg State University

Lane Center, Room 201

JUNE 23, 2006

Agenda for Public Session


A. Call to Order, Chairman Nevins
B. Welcome from FSU, President Gira
C. Committee of the Whole
  1. Reports of the Councils
    1. Council of University System Presidents, President Bogomolny
    2. Council of University System Faculty, Dr. Siegel
    3. Council of University System Staff, Mr. Hill
    4. University System Student Council, Mr. Bailey
  2. Chancellor's Annual Report
  3. Approval of minutes from meetings 4/7/06 and 5/10/06
  4. Meeting Schedule for 2006-2007
  5. Nominating Committee Report, Regent Finan
  6. Recommendation on possible IHV Relocation, Chancellor Kirwan
D. Committee on Education Policy, Regent Florestano
  1. Proposed Revision of BOR Policy on Human Subjects (IV-2.10) (action)
  2. Establishment of University of Maryland School of Public Health (action)
  3. New Program Proposals (action)
    1. BSU - App. Sc. D. in Computer Science
    2. BSU - M.A. in Mental Health Counseling
    3. FSU - B.S. in Ethnobotany
    4. UMBC - M.S. and Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing
    5. UMCP - Ph.D. in Anthropology
    6. UMCP -Bachelor's of Music Education
  4. Report on Program Actions Delegated to the Chancellor, 2005-2006 (information)
  5. Campus Crime Reports (information)
  6. External Funding Report (information)
  7. Modifications to Policy on Student Residency Classification for Admission, Tuition and Charge-Differential Purposes (VIII-2.70) (information)
  8. Annual Report on Intercollegiate Athletics (information)
E. Finance Committee, Regent Pevenstein
  1. Introductory Comments on the USM Capital Budget (information)
  2. FY 2008 Capital Budget Request; and FY 2008-2012 Capital Improvement Program  (action)
  3. FY 2007 System Funded Construction Program Request (action)
  4. University System of Maryland: Twenty-Sixth Bond Resolution (action)
  5. Proposed Revisions to the Policy on Student Classification for Admission, Tuition and Charge-differential Purposes (action)
  6. Board of Regents Policy - VII.4.20 Tuition Remission for Spouses and Dependent Children of Faculty and Staff - Change of Definition of a Dependent (action)
  7. University of Maryland, College Park: Procurement of Serial Subscriptions (action)
  8. University System of Maryland: Review of Capital Improvement Projects   (information)
F. Audit and Inst. Assessment Committeem, Regent Gill
  1. Approval of Audit Committee Charter
G. Report of Technology Transfer Workgroup, Regent Gill

H. Briefing on State Ethics Law
       Ms. Suzanne Fox,
       Executive Director
       State Ethics Commission