Coppin State University
Physical Education Complex
December 3, 2010


1. Call to Order Chairman Kendall

2. Welcome from Coppin State University — President Avery

3. Committee of the Whole — Chairman Kendall

a. Approval of meeting minutes from October 22, 2010 Public Session (action)
b. Approval of notes from October 22, 2010 Executive Session (action)
c. Approval of meeting minutes from November 3, 2010 Executive Session (action)
d. Dashboard Indicators 2010 (information)
e. Chancellor's Report to the Board
f. USM Strategic Plan, 2011-2020 (action)

4. Report of Councils

a. Council of University System Presidents — President Caret
b. Council of University System Faculty — Dr. Shirazi
c. Council of University System Staff — Mr. Brown
d. University System of Maryland Student Council — Ms. Streets

5. Education Policy Committee — Regent Florestano

a. Approval of meeting minutes from November 11, 2010 (action)
         Public Session
         Executive Session
b. New Academic Program Proposals (action)
i. Towson University: Master of Science and Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Supply Chain Management
ii. Towson University: Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Project, Program and Portfolio Management
c. Implementation of Recommendations of the Joint Committee Report on Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants (action)
i. Policy on the Employment of Adjunct Faculty in the University System of Maryland (II-1.07)
ii. Policy on the Appointment of Graduate Assistants in the University System of Maryland (III-7.11)
d. Report on General Education at Towson University (information)
e. Report on the Workload of the USM Faculty (information)
f. SU Test-Optional Admissions: Annual Report on Outcomes (information)
g. Report on Opening Fall Enrollments (information)
h. Discussion of the Draft USM Strategic Plan, 2011-2020 (information)

6. Finance Committee — Regent Kelly

a. Approval of meeting minutes from November 18, 2010 (action)
b. University System of Maryland: Draft USM Strategic Plan 2020 (information)
c. Opening Fall 2010 Enrollment and FY2011 Estimated FTE Report (information)
d. Coppin State University: Facilities Master Plan Update (action)
e. Recognition of Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology, Inc. as an Affiliated Foundation (action)
f. University of Maryland, Baltimore: School of Medicine - Institute for Human Virology Support Staff Services in Africa and the Caribbean (action)

7. Audit and Inst. Assessment Committee — Regent Shea

8. Effectiveness and Efficiency Work Group — Regent Slater

9. Economic Development and Technology Commercialization Work Group — Regent Attman

10. Reconvene to Executive Session (action) — Chairman Kendall