Coppin State University
Physical Education Complex - Room 108

September 18, 2015
9:00 A.M.


Cover Memo - Meeting of the Board of Regents, Friday, September 18, 2015

Map and Driving Directions

Call to Order Chairman Shea

Welcome from Coppin State University President Thompson

1. Committee of the Whole Chairman Shea

a. Approval of meeting minutes from Special BOR Meeting on July 23, 2015 (action)
b. Board of Regents' Staff Awards (information) i. Effectiveness and Efficiency: Marsha Velli, UMBC
ii. Effectiveness and Efficiency: Uche K. Enwesi, UMCP
iii. Outstanding Service: Sherrye I. Larkins, CSU
iv. Outstanding Service: M. Robert Maddux, SU
v. Exceptional Contribution: Colleen Wright-Riva, UMCP
vi. Exceptional Contribution: Michele Kimery, UMBC
vii. Extraordinary Public Service: Beatrice Wright, UMES
viii. Extraordinary Public Service: Julia Heng, UMCP
c. Proposed Board of Regents Policy on High-Impact Economic Development Activities (action)
d. Request for Approval for University of Maryland University College to Form, Invest in, and Operate a Private Entity (action)
e. Resolution on Defense Security Service (action)
f. Report on Towson University Search (information)
g. Report on Frostburg State University Search (information
h. Chancellor's Report (information)

2. Report of Councils  

a. University System of Maryland Student Council — Mr. Wallace
b. Council of University System Staff — Ms. Wimbish
c. Council of University System Faculty — Dr. Bryant
d. Council of University System Presidents — President Dudley-Eshbach
i. July 6, 2015
ii. August 3, 2015
iii. September 8, 2015

3. Committee on FinanceRegent Pevenstein

a. Approval of meeting minutes from September 10, 2015 Public and Closed Sessions (action)
b. Resolution on Reimbursement of System Cash Balances Spent on Revenue Bond-Authorized Projects (action)
c. University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Leasing Off-Campus Housing - Amendment to Prior Board of Regents Approval to Lease Off-Campus Housing at Talons Square (action)
d. Salisbury University: Property Transfer from Salisbury University Foundation (Gift to Salisbury University Foundation from Plaza Gallery, LLC) to Salisbury University (action)
e. Frostburg State University: Second Amendment to Ground Lease with Allegany County to Adjust Property Boundaries for the Allegany Business Park (action)
f. Towson University: Facilities Master Plan Update (information)
g. University System of Maryland: Review of Capital Improvement Projects (information)

4. Committee on Economic Development and Technology Commercialization Regent Attman

a. Approval of meeting minutes from September 10, 2015 Public Session (action)

5. Committee on Advancement Regent Gossett

a. USM YTD Fundraising for FY15 and goals for FY16

6. Committee on Organization and Compensation Regent Kinkopf

a. Approval of meeting minutes from September 8, 2015 Public and Closed Sessions (action)

7. Committee on Audit Regent Augustine

8. Reconvene to Closed Session (action) Chairman Shea