(Approved by the Board of Regents, February 28, 1992)
  The Regents Professorship is established by the Board of Regents
  of the University of Maryland System in order to recognize one or
  more faculty members whose record of scholarly achievement and
  potential for truly exceptional service to the System and its
  institutions warrants appointment to this most prestigious rank
  in the University System.
  Appointment to a Regents Professorship is made by the Chancellor
  upon recommendation by one or more of the Presidents of
  University of Maryland System institutions.  A modest monetary
  award, to be used for travel, research or publication costs, or
  personnel and equipment costs, accompanies the appointment.
  Criteria for appointment include:
        1.  National or international recognition for achievements
            in the arts, the sciences or the professions.
        2.  Eligibility for appointment to the rank of professor at
            one or more institutions of the University System.
  Regents Professors may:
        1.  Participate in the advisement and/or instruction of
            undergraduate students.
        2.  Present annually a public lecture or performance at one
            of the institutions of the University of Maryland
        3.  Participate in other scholarly activities that will
            enhance some aspects of the University of Maryland
            System and some of its components.  This may include
            such activities as curriculum development (formal or
            informal courses), faculty development, citizen
            outreach, or organizational enhancement.
  Replacement for BOR III-3.00 and BOT-XIV