(Approved by the Board of Regents, November 30, 1989)
      It is recognized that legitimate problems, differences of
  opinion, complaints, or grievances will occasionally arise in the
  relationship between the institution and its faculty.  Many such
  complaints are resolved informally through discussions or
  formally through procedures available under institutional human
  relations codes and institutional or System policies on
  appointment, rank, and tenure.  On occasion, however, complaints
  will arise that cannot be resolved through informal discussion or
  through formal procedures described above because they pertain to
  issues that are not within the subject matter of those documents.
      Each institution shall adopt procedures whereby faculty
  grievances may be presented for formal review and resolution.
  This policy shall apply to anyone holding a recognized faculty
  rank, regardless of tenure status or percent time of employment.
      A.    Institutional faculty grievance procedures shall
            include descriptions of the process to be followed by
            the complainant, the time limits governing the steps in
            the grievance resolution process, and the levels of
            review available to the complainant; provision for
            participation by faculty in the process; and provision,
            when necessary, for final resolution of the grievance
            by the chief executive officer of the institution.
      B.    No complaint shall be reviewed under these faculty
            grievance procedures if:
            1.   The complaint pertains to a subject that is
                 reviewable under, or is specifically excluded from
                 review by any other System or institutional
            2.   The complaint pertains to an official policy,
                 regulation, or procedure of the System or the
                 institution; a decision or action by the Board of
                 Regents, the Chancellor, or the President; or any
                 matter the remedy for which would contravene or
                 interfere with any such official policy,
                 regulation, procedure, decision, or action;
            3.   The complaint pertains to broad areas of the
                 fiscal management, staffing or structure of the
                 University of Maryland System or constituent
                 institutions; or
            4.   The resolution of the complaint is not under the
                 control of the institution and/or of the
                 University System.
  Replacement for:  BOR  III-2.05.1