(Approved by the Board of Regents, November 29, 1990)
      In fulfilling their educational roles and missions, the
  constituent institutions of the University of Maryland System
  must make optimal use of their faculty resources.  Optimum
  utilization may call for a reduction in or a reallocation of
  faculty at various times and for various reasons; e.g. shifting
  enrollment patterns, changing program directions, restricted
  funding.  If reassignment and/or reallocation is inadequate to
  effect such changes, an institution may find it necessary to
  terminate the appointment of tenure-track or tenured faculty
      In order to insure the protection of rights of the faculty
  members, each institution will develop internal retrenchment
  procedures consistent with that institution's governance
  structure and with Sections I.C.9, I.C.10, I.C.13 and I.C.17 of
  the 1989 University System Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure
  of Faculty and corresponding sections of earlier faculty
  appointment agreements still in effect.  As a part of those
  procedures, each institution will establish a retrenchment
  appeals committee.  Following review for form and legal
  sufficiency by the Office of the Attorney General, these
  procedures must be submitted to the Chancellor for review and
  Replacement for BOT Appendix N, BOR III-2.16.7