(Approved by the Board of Regents, January 11, 1990)
       Each institution may establish guidelines for the
  development and implementation of combined bachelor's/master's
  programs.  These plans may be of two types:  (1) plans which
  permit the development by an individual student of a program
  specific to that student's career interests and goals, and (2)
  structured plans within or among departmental or program units or
  institutions which provide integrated programs attractive to
  larger groups of students.  The program should be available only
  to students whose academic performance is exceptional and who are
  admissable to the graduate program.  Institutional policy shall
  set the maximum number of credits applicable to both degrees,
  normally no more than nine.  No more than one master's degree may
  be earned through a combined bachelor's/master's degree program.
  Replacement for:  BOR  I-12.00