(Approved by the Board of Regents on October 27, 2000)
1.   This policy applies to all proposals for the abolition of
     existing academic programs, whether they originate as a result of
     periodic program review, in response to the identification of
     such programs as "low productivity," or as part of an overall
     institutional restructuring.

2.   In accordance with Section 11-206.1(A)(1) of the Annotated
     Code of Maryland, a President who proposes to abolish an existing
     academic program shall provide the Board of Regents with evidence
     that the action is consistent with the adopted mission of the
     institution and can be implemented within the existing program
     resources of the institution.  The Committee on Education Policy
     of the Board of Regents shall review each proposal for the
     abolition of an existing academic program and provide a report to
     the full Board of Regents.

3.   The President shall provide the Board of Regents with
     information on the following:

     a.   proposed date after which no new students will be admitted
          into the program;
     b.   accommodation of currently enrolled students in the
          realization of their degree objectives;
     c.   treatment of all tenured and non-tenured faculty and other
          staff in the affected program;
     d.   reallocation of funds from the budget of the affected
          program; and
     e.   existence at other state public institutions of programs to
          which to redirect students who might have enrolled in the program
          proposed for abolition.