AT USM REGIONAL CENTERS
      (Approved by the Board of Regents, June 22, 2005)
The following guidelines apply to University System of
Maryland regional centers at Shady Grove and at Hagerstown.

USM centers at Hagerstown and Shady Grove provide programs
needed to increase educational opportunities in particular
underserved regions of the State.  Programs are usually
identified as critical to workforce development by the
center itself, by a USM institution, or by constituencies
throughout the region or the State.  In general, when a
program need is identified, the USM center will contact any
USM institution that may have the capability to offer the
program at the center.  If no USM institution wishes to
offer the program off campus at the center, and the need has
been clearly demonstrated, the center director will work to
secure a program from another in-state private or public

In October 2004, MHEC prepared a report that had been
requested by the Joint Chairs of the Maryland General
Assembly, Examination of Maryland's Regional Higher
Education Centers. The following process in approving a non-
USM institution to deliver a program to a USM regional
center is consistent with the recommendations of the JCR.

When a center has established that there is a regional or
state-wide need that cannot be met by a USM institution, the
center director will so notify USM and MHEC.

-    MHEC, in consultation with USM, will develop and
     distribute an RFP to inform the higher education community
     of programs needed by the center.
-    MHEC will review proposals from public institutions to
     ensure that programs are consistent with the institution's
     approved mission. (Private institutions do not have approved
-    When MHEC has completed its review, all program
     proposals will be forwarded to USM.
-    USM will review the proposals to ensure that the
     programs satisfy criteria of quality and need.
-    The center director will review the proposals and make
     recommendations to the provosts' governing council, which
     makes the decision about which institution seems best suited
     to offer the program at the center.
-    The center director will then ensure that the proposed
     program has sufficient resources to successfully offer the
     program and will develop with the institution an MOU similar
     to that used for USM institutions.  The MOU will stipulate
     that the program will be charged the full cost of operation
     and overhead, and will not be eligible to receive planning
     or start-up funds from the center.