SPONSORED PROJECTS
(Approved by the Board of Regents, January 11, 1990; Amended
                     February 21, 2003)
I. The University System of Maryland engages in a wide
  variety of activities sponsored by non-System entities.
  These activities include research, training and public
  service projects which are consistent with the missions
  of the System and the institution.  Such activities are
  encouraged as a means to further the objectives of the
  System and the institution, to strengthen ties with
  government, industry, the community, and other academic
  institutions, and to expand and enhance the instructional

II. All proposals for specific sponsored projects shall be
  reviewed by institution personnel for consistency with
  all University System and institutional policies, for
  appropriateness to the mission of the institution, and
  for liability assessment.  Each institution has primary
  responsibility for the solicitation and negotiation of
  proposals and administration of awards.

III. Applications may be submitted and awards accepted
  directly by the designated officer on each campus.

IV. In the course of soliciting, negotiating and executing
  agreements with sponsors, a constituent institution may
  encounter conditions for performance which are not
  standard System practice.  Upon discovery of such a
  condition, the chief executive officer shall immediately
  notify the Chancellor.  Such unusual practices include,
  but are not limited to, the following examples:

   Abridgement of publication rights
   Necessity for legislation in order to conduct the program of work
   Assumption of liability for a third party
   Creation of an unfunded liability
   Exceptional contribution of State monies to the project

  The Chancellor may, in consultation with the chief
  executive officer, require withdrawal of the proposal or
  non-acceptance of the award.

V.  Constituent institutions, on an annual basis, are
  required to submit to the Chancellor a summary of
  sponsored project activity.  The content and format of
  the report shall be determined by the System office and
  shall include, at a minimum, the number of awards and
  their dollar value.

Replacement for:  BOR VII-2.00 and BOT Appendix I