(Approved by the Board of Regents on January 11, 1990)
       Each President shall establish rules for the administration
  of student affairs, including, but not limited to, resident life,
  student discipline, and the handling of student grievances at the
  institution.  Such rules shall serve to further educational and
  cultural objectives through student government and activities.
  Student organizations, including fraternities and sororities, may
  be established at each institution subject to applicable policies
  of the Regents and of the institution.
       Rights of participation in College and University activities
  and programs shall be in conformity with all pertinent federal
  and State laws on nondiscrimination.
       Each institution shall publish and distribute to all
  students a student handbook with pertinent policies, rules, and
       Student government and activities fees shall be budgeted in
  accord with institutional policies and procedures and shall be
  reviewed by the President of the institution or designee.  The
  President or designee shall supervise and maintain the necessary
  accounting records for all funds administered by the Student
  Government Association at the institution and may charge the
  Association for the actual cost of maintaining such accounts.
  Based on Senate Bill 459, Section 12-109(E)(11)
  Replacement for:  BOR II-2.00, II-5.00, V-8.00, V-9.00; and
                    BOT X-F, X-G, X-I, X-K, XII-J