(formerly called Board of Regents Resolution on Student Riots)
(Approved by the Board of Regents on July 10, 2002, amended
February 10, 2006)

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that each institution adopts policies 
to require strong disciplinary sanctions against students who participate in 
serious misconduct that is related to institution-sponsored events, including 
athletic events ("event-related misconduct").  Such
misconduct is unacceptable and shall invoke this policy.

1. Event-related Misconduct
        Event-related misconduct" is rioting, assault, theft, vandalism, 
        fire-setting, or other misconduct related to an institution-sponsored 
        event, occurring on - or off-campus, that results in harm to persons 
        or property or otherwise poses a threat to the stability of the campus 
        or campus community.
2.Institution Policies
	In addition to an institution's other policies regarding
	student misconduct, each institution shall adopt and publish policies providing
	that event-related misconduct, including off-campus misconduct, is a violation
	of the institution's student code of conduct subject to campus judicial
	proceedings and presumptive dismissal.
3. Disciplinary Proceedings
	Campus disciplinary action for event-related misconduct may
	take place regardless of the existence, status, or outcome of any criminal
	charges in a court of law related to the misconduct.  Any decision to impose a
	sanction less than dismissal, including suspension or expulsion, for
	event-related misconduct must be supported by written findings signed by the
	institution's chief student affairs officer. 
	A record of any suspension or expulsion under this policy shall be noted
	on the student's transcript.
4. Systemwide Application
	A student suspended
	under this policy shall not be admitted to any other institution in the System
	during the term of the suspension.  A student expelled under this policy 
	shall not be admitted to any other institution in the System for at least one 
	year from the effective date of expulsion.