RELEASE OF EMPLOYEES
  (Approved by the Board of Regents, May 1, 1992)
        I.     Purpose and Applicability
               This policy governs work and the use of leave in the event of an
               emergency condition.  This policy applies to all University of
               Maryland System Employees.
      II.      Cancellation of Classes
               Each employee of the University is expected to report to work as
               scheduled, even if classes are canceled, unless the employee has
               been notified through established campus procedures not to
     III.      Closing Facilities
               A.   Before the Start of Work.  When any facility is closed
                    prior to the start of normal work hours or shifts, non-
                    essential employees, except those on previously approved
                    leave, are to be considered to be on Administrative Leave.
                    The status of contractual employees will be determined by
                    the terms of their contracts.
               B.   After the Start of Work.  When, as a result of emergency
                    conditions any facility is closed after the start of normal
                    work hours or shifts non-essential employees are to be
                    placed on Administrative Leave.  Non-essential employees
                    who have not reported to work and are not on previously
                    approved paid leave must be given the option to use
                    appropriate accrued paid leave, or be placed in a no-pay
                    The status of contractual employees will be determined by
                    the terms of their contracts.
      IV.      Essential Employees
               Employees who are required to perform duties after an emergency
               condition has been declared shall be compensated with
               compensatory leave or cash payment equivalent to the
               Administrative Leave granted to non-essential employees who are
               released from the same facility.
               Only extenuating circumstances of a most serious nature will
               warrant the exemption of an essential employee from the
               requirement to report for duty in a timely manner.
        V.     Liberal Leave
               A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or designee may declare a policy
               of Liberal Leave in which case non-essential employees who fail
               to report to work, or who report late, or choose to leave early,
               because of dangerous traffic or highway conditions, hazardous
               weather, civil disorder or other circumstance not yet declared
               as an emergency shall be excused.  Such excused absence must be
               charged to appropriate paid or unpaid leave.
      VI.      Evacuation of an Institution Facility
               In the interest of personal safety, nothing in this policy
               precludes the necessary, immediate evacuation of a campus
               facility by the person in charge or his/her designee.
        "Emergency Conditions" - Those conditions which are determined by each
        campus CEO or designee to be serious enough to warrant the cancellation
        of classes or the release of employees.  Such conditions may arise
        because of inclement weather, fire, power failure, civil disorders or
        other unusual circumstances which may endanger students and/or
        "Essential Employee" - An employee of a facility who has been designated
        as vital to the operation of the facility, whose presence is required
        regardless of the existence of an emergency condition, and whose absence
        from duty could endanger the safety and well being of the campus
        population and/or physical plant.  Examples of such employees are
        police, stationary engineers or other heating plant and maintenance
        personnel, snow removal employees, food service staff, hospital staff,
        Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as necessary to
        implement this policy and submit a copy to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
        BOR VI - 18.00, Policy Relating to Emergency Conditions, page 1
        UM Personnel Policies and Procedures for Classified Employees - Section
        VI Leave with Pay, page VI-21