(Approved by the Board of Regents, May 6, 1994; amended February 4, 2000)

1. The Board of Regents has authority, subject to applicable law, 
over procurement and management of public improvement projects
at institutions of the University of Maryland System. That authority
and the concomitant activities and responsibilities constitute a
System-wide function and service.

2. The Board of Regents delegates to the Chancellor the authority to
exercise its authority over procurement and management of public
improvement projects, to include establishment of procedures related
to that implementation.The Chancellor may delegate this authority, as

3. In exercising this authority, the Chancellor shall establish service
centers to procure and manage certain public improvement projects,
determine procedures for the operation of such service centers, review
periodically the performance and operation of the service centers and
their relationship with System institutions, and resolve disputes arising
in connection with implementation and interpretation of this policy.

4. The Board of Regents desires that the processes employed for the design
and construction of capital improvements under its authority make use of
the best available management strategies for the implementation of these
capital improvements, to ensure a timely and economical result.For projects
exceeding $10 million in construction cost (and for smaller projects where
schedules or circumstances may dictate) the Chancellor, in exercising the
authority delegated by the Board of Regents, shall require from each president,
after consultation with one of the established service centers to whom
the authority to manage capital improvements is delegated, an implementation
plan to meet the established schedule and budget.The Board prefers that
a construction manager be utilized (via contract) to administer these projects.
The Board also desires that the service centers employ alternative project
delivery systems, such as design/build, where it is reasonable and practical
to do so.

5. The Chancellor shall report to the Board as to the implementation of this policy.

VIII - 10.30-1