(Issued by the Chancellor, March 1, 1989)
  1.  Each institution shall be responsible for the administration
      of this policy.
  2.  Tuition and fees are due and payable in full on or before the
      due date stipulated on the billing, except under the
      following circumstances:
      a.  Financial aid awarded by the institution has not been
          completely processed;
      b.  Guaranteed bank loans (i.e., GSL, HEAL) have not yet been
      c.  Third-party student support contracts have been awarded
          but not yet received by the institution from the awarding
          entity; or
      d.  Payment shall be made in accordance with an installment
          payment plan as provided in written procedures approved
          by the President of the institution.
  3.  The student may be required to submit written documentation
      in support of postponement of payment from the institution's
      Office of Student Financial Aid, the bank, or other awarding
  4.  If timely payment is not received by the institution in
      conformance with procedures implemented pursuant to this
      policy, appropriate administrative action shall be initiated.
      Such action may include barring attendance at classes and
      withholding of transcripts and grades.
  5.  Effective date:  March 1, 1989
  Replacement for:  BOR V - 14.02
                    BOT XII - K