(Approved by the Board of Regents, May 1, 1992)
      I.   Purpose and Applicability
           In order to provide flexibility in fulfilling human
           resource requirements all UMS institutions are allowed
           the use of commercial personnel services contractors
           under certain conditions.
     II.   Temporary Assistance
           Due to the cyclical nature of some administrative
           workloads or because of fluctuations in the demand made
           upon certain departments, requirements develop
           periodically for temporary assistance.  If these
           requirements cannot be met through the temporary
           reallocation of available human resources, it may be
           necessary to obtain temporary assistance through
           commercial contractors.  When this is necessary:
           A.    It must be for the purpose of satisfying a
                 temporary situation.
           B.    Prior approval must be obtained in accordance with
                 institution policy.
           C.    All contracts must be awarded by the Purchasing
                 Officer of the institution.
    III.   Regular Employment
           When qualified candidates cannot be identified through
           normal recruitment efforts, it may be necessary to
           contract with an external employment agency for regular
           positions.  Utilization should be limited to specific
           recruitment efforts where either the level of the
           position and/or the scarcity of available candidates
           warrants the expenditure, or where other circumstances
           exist which would clearly justify the use of an external
           employment agency.
           When use of an external employment agency is necessary:
           A.    Prior approval must be obtained in accordance with
                 institution policy.
           B.    All contracts must be awarded by the institution
                 purchasing officer in accordance with UMS and
                 State procurement regulations.  A fee will be paid
                 only pursuant to a written contract between the
                 institution and the agency.
           C.    The recruitment and selection process must be
                 coordinated through the institution Office of
                 Human Resources/Personnel and must conform to UMS
                 Policy and institution procedures to include
                 proper announcement of the vacancy, eligibility
                 requirements, and screening of candidates.
      Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
      necessary and submit a copy to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
      BOR VI - 23.00, Policy on Personnel Employment through
      Commercial Contractors, page 1
      Laws Relating to and Governing Policies and Procedures of the
      Board of Trustees of the State Universities and Colleges of
      Maryland, Section XIII-F.  Contracts for Services by Outside
      Commercial Agencies and Individuals, page XIII-5