(Approved by the Board of Regents, March 1, 1989)
  1.   A primary mission of the University of Maryland System is
       the creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  2.   To carry out this mission, it is often desirable for an
       institution within the University of Maryland System to
       charge fees for providing goods and services that enhance,
       promote, or support its instructional, research, public
       service, and all other educational and support functions in
       order to meet the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and
       members of the public participating in institutional events.
  3.   An educational business activity shall be established and
       carried on by an institution when consistent with the
       following conditions:
   a.  The activity is deemed to be an integral part in the
       fulfillment of the institution's educational, research,
       public service, and institution support functions, and other
       education and support activities, without regard to profit;
   b.  The activity is needed to provide an integral good or
       service at a reasonable price, on reasonable terms, and at a
       convenient location and time; and
   c.  The activity is carried out for the primary benefit of the
       institution community but with sensitivity to the total
  4.   Business activities not falling within the preceding
       conditions may be unrelated business income activities; each
       institution shall comply with the applicable laws and
       regulations pertaining to such activities.
  5.   Each institution may establish a forum for interaction with
       the local business community to air relevant concerns and to
       promote mutually beneficial communication between the local
       private business sector and the institution.
  6.   Each institution shall develop procedures governing the sale
       of goods and services on its campus which are consistent
       with the provisions of this Policy.
  7.   This Policy shall become effective on adoption by the Board
       of Regents.
  Replacement for:  BOR VI-10.00