Approved December  10, 2004
                      October 22, 2004
                    Salisbury University
                      EXECUTIVE SESSION
          Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Nevins seconded and
     the Board of Regents voted unanimously to convene in
     Closed and Executive Session with the Chancellor on
     Friday, October 22, 2004, 8:05 a.m. and adjourned at
     9:15 a.m. at Salisbury University.  Those present were:
     Chairman Kendall, Regents Acosta, Finan, Florestano,
     Gill, Horine, Houghton, Hug, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins,
     Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, and Tydings,
     Chancellor Kirwan, Ms. Ryan, Assistant Attorney
     Generals Cobb, and Short.  The Board of Regents
     reviewed items on the agenda that were exempted under
     the Open Meetings Act for consideration in closed and
     executive session.
     Public Session
     A.   Chairman Kendall called the meeting of the
     University System of Maryland Board of Regents was
     called to order at 10:05 a.m. on Friday, October 22,
     2004 at Salisbury University.  Those in attendance
     were:  Chairman Kendall, Regents Acosta, Finan,
     Florestano, Gill, Horine, Houghton, Hug, Mandel,
     Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe
     and Tydings, Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors
     Goldstein, Schwab and Vivona, Assistant Attorney
     Generals Cobb and Short, Presidents Boesch, Bogomolny,
     Caret, Dudley-Eshbach, Hunter-Cevera, Lowe, Mote,
     Ramsay, Vice Presidents Johnson (UMBC) and Holden
     (UMES), Provost Gregory (Coppin), Ms Ryan, members of
     the press and others.
     B.   President Janet Dudley-Eshbach welcomed regents,
     presidents and others to Salisbury University.  She
     presented a video highlighting students and faculty
     which focused on diversity, shared governance, building
     ties with the community, fundraising, civic engagement
     and international education.
     C.   Committee of the Whole
          1.   The minutes of the September 10, 2004 were 
               unanimously approved.
          2.   Collective Bargaining Report
               Regent Kendall presented the following MOU's
               for the public record.  Mr. Kendall thanked the 
               institutions for the hard work that went into 
               negotiating the agreements.  The institutional 
               Human Resources Directors did an outstanding job 
               briefing the Regents and thanked all who were 
               a.   Bowie State University Exempt
               b.   Frostburg State University Exempt
               c.   Frostburg State University Non-Exempt
               d.   Frostburg State University Sworn Police 
               e.   University of Baltimore Non Exempt
               f.   University of Baltimore Special Police 
               g.   UMCP Exempt
               h.   UMCP Non-Exempt
               i.   UMCP Fraternal Order of Police
               j.   UMUC Non-Exempt
               k.   UMES Non-Exempt
               l.   Bowie Sworn Police Officers and
                    Salisbury Police Officers - accepted by the 
                    Board during Executive Session on 10/22/04.
          3.   Chancellor Kirwan's presented his report to
               the regents.  The report is on file with the 
               minutes of the meeting.
          4.   E&E Report - Chancellor Kirwan presented the
               Effectiveness and Efficiency. Report.  A copy 
               of the report is on file with the minutes as 
               well as on the USM Website. A copy of 
               Chancellor's Kirwan's overview is attached.
     D.   Report of the Councils
          1.   Council of University System Presidents -
               President Bogomolny reported on the last 
               meeting of CUSP which devoted most of the 
               meeting to discussing (1) the E&E report 
               and the perspectives of the USM presidents;
               he stated that the presidents are committed 
               to working towards the E&E goals; (2)  money 
               availability for up-front staff building for 
               fund raising; (3) financial aid report.
          2.   Council of University System Faculty - Dr.
               Richardson presented the report of CUSF.
               He expressed concerns with certain aspects 
               of the E&E report. The System needs to stay 
               competitive with other institutions for the 
               best faculty; there is a need to look at 
               individual professors and their workload; 
               compensation, benefits to ensure retaining
               good faculty.
               Regent Kendall responded that the faculty are
               the key to the success of the System.  He
               has explained to legislators that faculty and
               administrators need to be compensated 
               competitively in order to retain the 
               outstanding individuals.
          3.   Council of University System Staff - Mr.
               Crockett presented the report of CUSS.
               Report on file with the minutes.
          4.   University System Student Council - Regent Horine
               presented the USSC report.  Annapolis 101 has been 
               scheduled for Tuesday, January 25 in the 
               Presidential Conference Room, James Office 
               Building in Annapolis. It is hoped that all 
               institutions will send representatives.
               Regent Kendall recognized Mr. Aaron Kraus
               from the UMCP Student Government Association who 
               spoke briefly about the need for additional 
               funding for UMCP.
     E.   Education Policy Committee
          1.   The minutes of the September 28, 2004 meeting
               were unanimously approved.
          2.   Proposed Modification of USM Policy on 
               Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty 
               (II-1.00).  Moved for approval by Regent 
               Florestano; seconded by Regent 
               Mitchell and unanimously approved.
          3.   Formation of System-wide Council on Alcohol
               Use and Abuse.  The Committee on Education 
               Policy recommended that the Board direct the
               Vice Presidents for Student Affairs to add to 
               their meeting agendas as a standing item 
               discussion of best practices to combat alcohol 
               abuse on campuses and to report back to the 
               Committee.  Regent Florestano moved for 
               approval of the recommendation; seconded by 
               Regent Mitchell and unanimously approved.
          4.   Annual Agenda 2004-2005, including Role and
               Function of the Committee.  Moved by
               Regent Florestano; seconded by
               Regent Mitchell and unanimously approved.
          5.   Report on Student Learning Outcomes
               Assessment Report (SLOAR). The report was
               presented for information purposes only.  
               Copy on file with the Chancellor's Office.
     F.   Finance Committee
          1.   Regent Nevins presented a summary of the 
               October 14, 2004 meeting of the Finance 
          2.   USM:  Effectiveness and Efficiency
               Initiatives: Real Property Assets.  
               Regent Nevins moved for approval; seconded by
               Regent Tydings and unanimously approved.
          3.   USM: Draft FY 2006 Separate List Request was
               presented for information.  The list
               represents what initiatives the Board and
               Chancellor would prioritize if additional 
               monies are received from the State
          4.   Bowie State University Facilities Master Plan
               2002-2012 was moved for approval by Regent
               Nevins; seconded by Regent Florestano and
               unanimously approved.
          5.   Proposed Amendments to Board Policy VII-1.40
               - USM Policy on Contingent II Status
               Employment for Nonexempt and Exempt Staff
               Employees.  Regent Nevins moved for approval; 
               seconded by Regent Rosapepe and unanimously
               Regent Nevins moved that Items 6 and 7 be 
               placed on the consent agenda; seconded by 
               Regent Rosapepe. Items 6 and 7 were 
               unanimously approved.
          6.   Proposed Board of Regents Policy on Leave for
               Service as Election Judge.
          7.   Amendment to the Board of Regents Policy on
               Family and Medical Leave (VII-7.50) (action)
          8.   Common Trust Fund: Investment Performance for
               FY 2004 was presented for information
               purposes only.
     G.   Committee on Organization and Compensation 
          - Regent Finan
          1.   Presidential Search Guidelines were moved for
               approval by Regent Finan; seconded by Regent
               Tydings and unanimously approved.
          2.   Guidelines of Regent Responsibilities were
               moved for approval by Regent Finan;
               seconded by Regent Florestano.  Regent Hug 
               suggested a change in the last sentence of 
               the preamble from "assuming responsibility" to
               "assuming oversight of its management."
               Unanimously approved with the suggested change.
     H.   Audit Committee - Regent Pevenstein presented a
     report of the meeting of the Audit Committee
     which met on October 14, 2004.  The Committee is
     working on     the process for increasing the audit
     staff.  The Committee accepted various       internal
     audit reports that have been completed from January
     through September   2004. It will be    looking at
     various provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to see
     how they may apply to the USM.
     I.   Adjournment: 12:20