Kick-off Workshop Slides

Course Redesign Overview - (Carol Twigg) Provides an overview of NCAT's course redesign methodology including the Five Models of Course Redesign.

Institutional and Course Readiness Self-Assessment - (Carolyn Jarmon) Includes a self-assessment of institutional readiness and a discussion of how to choose appropriate courses for redesign.

Planning for Course Redesign - (Carol Twigg) Provides an overview of the Five Principles of Successful Course Redesign and NCAT's Course Planning Tool that facilitates the quality and cost planning tasks associated with redesign.

Assessing the Impact of Redesign on Student Learning- (Carolyn Jarmon) Provides guidance about how to assess the impact of course redesign on student learning.

Developing a Cost Savings Plan - (Carol Twigg) Discusses how resources can be saved through redesign and what can be done with the savings

Case Studies in Course Redesign - (Carolyn Jarmon) An application of course redesign models to institutional cases.

What's Next - (Carol Twigg) Describes next steps in the application process including deadlines.