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Raouf N. Boules, Ph.D. Towson University
Redesigned Courses
Developmental Mathematics (I and II)

Towson University MCRI Team
John Grant, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mathematics
Felice Shore, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Alexei Kolesnikov, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Erika Miller, M.S. Lecturer and Developmental Mathematics Coordinator, Department of Mathematics
Judith Macks, M.S., Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Alicia Medina, M.S., Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center


Developmental Mathematics classes (DVMT 101 and DVMT 110) comprise about 65 course sections enrolling approximately 1600 students per academic year. Traditionally, they were based on lectures of 4 hours per week for the first course and 3 hours per week for the second. The redesigned version uses a replacement model where one lecture hour in each course is replaced by spending at least one hour per week in an open computer laboratory. The lab provides self-based interactive learning environment and is staffed by graduate assistants, Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULA's) and, to a lesser extent, instructors.

Improved Learning

The success rate in the two courses has increased from 77% to 85% on average. Students' experience, as measured by course evaluations has been enhanced.

Impact on Cost Savings

Cost saving is achieved through the replacement of some of the lecture time with a supervised laboratory environment. A cost saving of 17% of the total cost of staffing developmental mathematics course sections has been achieved.

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