UMS Nonexempt Pay Program

When you select (click on) a specific Job Class Specification, a page containing the specification will appear. In order to assist you in reading the selected specification, we will define the major elements that are contained within each specification.

The USM Job Class Specifications contain five elements:


The Heading includes identifying information such as Job Class Title, Job Class Code,
FLSA, Job Type, EEO6 Code, and Job Family/Job Series Code.

Job Summary

The Job Summary is a statement that summarizes the nature and purpose of the job class
and the type of supervision received;

Primary Duties

Those tasks, responsibilities, or activities representing the most significant or important
duties in the job class;

Minimum Qualifications

The education level, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform
the duties of the job class;

Conditions of Employment

Provide the criteria or working conditions which must be met for continued employment
in the job class.