Jobs within Physical Plant Operations,
Maintenance Trades Series

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Apprentice Skilled Trades I-VIII A Apprentice Skilled Trades I-VIII B Apprentice Skilled Trades I-VIII C
Apprentice Skilled Trades I-IV D Auxiliary Utilities Operator, OBS Brick/Stone Mason
Cabinetmaker Carpenter Building Systems Chief
Electrical - System Reliability Technician Electrician Electrician High Voltage
Facilities Supervisor Housekeeping Chief HVAC Chief
HVAC Zone Supervisor HVAC Mechanic I HVAC Mechanic II
HVAC Mechanic III Landscape Technician Supervisor Landscape Technician
Locksmith Locksmith, Electronics MT Maintenance Aide I
MT Maintenance Aide II MT Maintenance Mechanic Lead MT Maintenance Mechanic Senior
MT Maintenance Mechanic Mason Plasterer MT Electrical Trades Chief I
MT Electrical Trades Chief II MT Electrical Trades Supervisor I MT Electrical Trades Supervisor II
MT Mechanical Trades Chief I MT Mechanical Trades Chief II MT Mechanical Trades Supervisor I
MT Mechanical Trades Supervisor II MT Multi Trades Chief I MT Multi Trades Chief II
MT Multi Trades Chief III MT Multi Trades Supervisor I MT Multi Trades Supervisor II
MT Multi Trades Supervisor III MT Structural Trades Chief I MT Structural Trades Chief II
MT Structural Trades Supervisor I MT Structural Trades Supervisor II Painter
Pest Control Specialist Pinsetter Mechanic Plumber
Plumber Specialist Plumbing - Piped Systems Technician Protective Covering Mechanic
Roofer Sheet Metal Worker Signage Technician I
Signage Technician II Sign Shop Supervisor Sport Turf Technician
Stationary Engineer 1st Grade Stationary Engineer 2nd Grade Stationary Engineer 3rd Grade
Stationary Engineer Assistant Stationary Engineer High Temp/Press Steamfitter
Temperature Controls Technician I Temperature Controls Technician II Temperature Controls Technician III
Utilities Operator,OBS Utilities Mechanic, OBS Work Control Supervisor
Work Controller

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