Table 1
University System of Maryland
FY 2005 Current Service Cost Estimates
  (in millions)
Salary Increments for Faculty & Staff $23
Health Insurance & other fringe benefit increases $13
New Facilities Operating & Construction Management Fees $17
Academic Revenue Bond Debt Service $2
Energy cost increases $4
Financial Aid set-aside $9
State Treasurer Insurance increases $3
Operating Inflation, facilities renewal & Non salary expenditures $8
Total USM Current Service Costs* $80
Balancing the Budget
Current Services Costs $80
Less Tuition Revenue to cover costs ($55)
Regents Effectiveness & Efficiency Targeted Savings ($17)
Reductions & Efficiencies yet to be identified $8

* This number does not include costs related to increased enrollment. Potential enrollment of 1,287 FTES is estimated to cost $5.8 million.