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Week of June 3, 2013

News from Across the USM Campuses

U.S.-Australia environmental education partnership kicks off in Queen Anne's County (UMCES Environmental Insights magazine, June 2013)

Dr. Keith Eshleman honored with President's Award (UMCES Environmental Insights magazine, June 2013)

Booming Green Internships (Environmental Science and Technology News, UMCP College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 5/30/13)

Fish in Peril? (Environmental Science and Technology News, UMCP College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 5/30/13)

State of Maryland News

Governor O'Malley Speaks to Green School Youth Summit (Maryland Department of Natural Resources - AccessDNR, 5/31/13)

Board of Public Works Approves Funding for Clean Water and the Chesapeake Bay: Grants and Loans Will Reduce Nutrient Pollution, Improve Infrastructure (Maryland Department of the Environment Press Release, 5/29/13)

Governor Martin O'Malley Announces Former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith as Maryland Transportation Secretary - Names New MTA Administrator - Announces $90 Million Beltway Widening Project Investment that will Support Nearly 1,200 Jobs (Maryland Department of Transportation, Press Release, 5/29/13)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

National and International News

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Rages Against ‘Totalitarian' Bike Shares (By Zack Beauchamp,, 6/3/13)

Introducing ‘Global Sustainability' (By HRH The Price of Wales, The Huffington Post - UK - Green Blog, 6/3/13)

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom (Peak Oil News, 6/3/13)

A Foldable Fix to Public Transit's Peskiest Problem (By Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities Blog - The Big Fix, 6/3/13)

Corporate Sustainability is Not Sustainable (By Auden Schendler and Michael Toffel,, 6/2/13)

Peak Water, Peak Oil...Now, Peak Soil? (By Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service as reported by, 6/1/13)

For a Campus Sustainability Group, a Paler Shade of Green (By Allie Bidwell, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/31/13)

Tesla to triple supercharger stations for coast-to-coast car trips: Chief executive Elon Musk says company will have the stations in most cities in the US and Canada by the end of the year (By Rory Carroll, The [UK] Guardian, 5/30/13)

Bike til it hertz: College kids spin out campus electricity (By Andrew Zaleski,, 5/29/13)

We're Being Watched: How Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists (By Adam Federman, Earth Island Journal as reported by, 5/29/13)

Arctic Shipping To Grow As Warming Opens Northern Sea Route For Longer (Reuters as reported by The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 5/29/13)

GM Salmon Would Wreak Havoc on Natural Ecosystems, Say Researchers: The genetically modified fish can breed with trout and take over (By Jacob Chamberlain,, 5/29/12)

Shell Admits Tax Avoidance Played Role in Rig Accident: Rachel Maddow reports on the admission by Shell that it was trying to avoid a tax deadline when it tried to rush the Kulluk oil rig back to Seattle, and instead grounded it on an Alaskan Island. (The Rachel Maddow Show as reported by, 5/29/13) [VIDEO]

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson takes a job at Apple (By John Upton,, 5/29/13)

Think Fracking Is Bad? Wait Until You Hear about the Gas Industry's "Acid Jobs": It is a 'scandal' how little the public knows about 'rock melting' extraction process (By Jacob Chamberlain,, 5/28/13)

After a sunny launch, NYC's bikeshare hits a few bumps (By Sarah Laskow,, 5/28/13)

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