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Week of August 12, 2013

News from Across the USM Campuses

UC Merced Connect: Tracking the impact of climate (By University Communications Staff, University of California - Merced, 8/11/13) [Article cites special issue of Science magazine jointly authored by scientists at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science scientists, University of California - Merced, and other institutions]

Sea level rise is a challenge we must confront (, 8/9/13) [Article cites study by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Climate change town hall encourages individual action (By Marlena Chertock, The Gazette, 8/7/13) [Article quotes Dr. Donald F. Boesch, President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

State of Maryland News

Balto. Co. may review backyard chicken regulations: Some want county to ease zoning rules so more can keep chickens (By Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun, 8/12/13)

Work said to begin on city waste-to-energy plant: Developer contends deadline met, but project lacks permits (By Timthy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 8/9/13)

APG's Edgewood Area releases 250,000 gallons of sewage into Bush River:

Treatment plant bypass caused by heavy rains, base officials say (By Matthew Hay Brown and Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 8/8/13)

National and International News

‘The Era Of The Lawn In The West Is Over' As Drought-Weary Cities Urge Residents To Save Water (By Katie Valentine, - Cliamte Progress Blog, 8/12/13)

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water - Fracking boom sucks away precious water from beneath the ground, leaving cattle dead, farms bone-dry and people thirsty (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 8/11/13)

BP's Robert Dudley on the Gulf Oil Spill's Legal Aftermath (By Paul M. Barrett, Bloomberg Business Week - Companies & Industries, 8/8/13)

Global warming already having dramatic impacts in California, new report says (By Paul Rogers, Inside Bay Area News, 8/8/13)

Steve King: Global Warming 'More Of A Religion Than A Science' (By Ashley Balcerzak, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 8/7/13)

State of Climate Report Reveals 'Unprecedented' Arctic Melting - Climbing greenhouse gases, rising seas, record-breaking temperatures: all signs of a 'changing and varying climate' (By Lauren McCauley,, 8/7/13)

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