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Week of October 14, 2013

News from Across the USM Campuses

Maryland Gov. O'Malley touts huge Chesapeake Bay oyster planting: Population remains far from its highest levels (, 10/12/13)

Conference highlights need for environmental planning (By Shauna Thompson,, 10/7/13)

Students Take Top Prize for Intelligent Trashcan (UMD Right Now, 10/7/13)

State of Maryland News

Governor O'Malley Receives National Environmental Education Award (AccessDNR, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 10/11/13)

State Officials Comment on Climate Change Effects at Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Conference (Conduit Street, Maryland Association of Counties, 10/9/13)

DNR Hosts More Than 50 Day to Serve Events (Maryland Department of Natural Resources, DNR News, 10/8/13)

National and International News

Think a New Economy Is Possible? Meet the Man Already Making it Happen

Rob Hopkins helped start the first Transition Town. Now it's a global network of thousands of communities showing no signs of slowing down. (By Tara Lohan, - Environment Blog, 10/14/13)

US Court: Transcanada's Keystone XL Profits More Important than Environment (By Steve Horn, DeSmog Blog as reported by, 10/14/13)

Study links warmer water temperatures to greater levels of mercury in fish (By Darryl Fears, The Washington Post - Health and Science, 10/13/13)

Bowdoin College Solar Panel Installation Will Be Largest In Maine (By James Gerken, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 10/11/13)

An Unprecedented Antarctic Disaster, Unfolding in Darkness (By Jonathan Lilly, The Huffington Post - Science Blog, 10/11/13)

Nearly 70 percent of Fox climate pundits doubt global warming (By Chris Mooney,, 10/10/13)

Climate Change Will Bring Conditions Outside Historical Variability In Coming Decades (By Andrew Freeman, Climate Central as reported by The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 10/9/13)

Are Utility Companies Out to Destroy Solar's 'Rooftop Revolution'? In California, customers who install solar systems and battery arrays are finding themselves cut off from grid (By Jon Queally,, 10/9/13)

L.A. Times Says It Won't Publish Letters Pushing Climate Denial And Other ‘Errors Of Fact'. Deniers Object. (By Joe Romm, - Climate Progress Blog, 10/9/13)

A New Study Calculates the Year Climate Change Will Hit Your City ( - Surprising Science Blog, 10/9/13)

Al Gore: The Media Is 'Frightened to Death' of Talking About Climate Change (By Emma Green, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 10/8/13)

PETM Shocker: When CO2 Levels Doubled 55 Million Years Ago, Earth May Have Warmed 9°F In 13 Years (By Joe Romm, - Climate Progress Blog, 10/8/13)

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