Council of University System Faculty

Executive Committee Meeting – CUSF - August 5, 2002 - USM Office


Drs. V. Brannigan (UMCP), W.E. Chapin (UMES, Past Chair), J.H. Collins (UMBI, Vice Chair), S. Gibson (UB), B. Noonan (UMES, Secretary), D. Parker (SU, Chair), R. Robertson (USM), N. Shapiro (USM)

Preliminary Assignments for CUSF Committees:

Legislative Affairs – Memo Diriker, SU; Lee Richardson, UB; Rosemary Jagus, UMBI;

Faculty Affairs – Pam Alreck, SU; Stephanie Gibson, UB; Sharon Siegel, UMB; Steve Havas, UMB; Zane Berge, UMBC; Vince Brannigan, UMCP; Frank Alt, UMCP

Academic Affairs – Marci McClive, FSU; Martha Siegel, TU; Caroline Burry, UMB; Keith Olson, UMCP; Brigid Noonan, UMES

Administrative/Finance – John Organ, BSU; Pat Alt, TU; Ron Chenette, UMB; Anthony Norcio, UMBC; Carl Smith, UMCP; David Spinner, UMES

Membership/Rules – Alcott Arthur, CSC; Barbara Laufer, TU; James Gelatt, UMUC

Issues Discussed

  1. How does each campus define “adjunct” – particularly in terms of payroll systems.
  1. Collective Bargaining is an issue that we need to address this year at CUSF.
  1. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs  – another issue that CUSF needs to address.
  1. Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations – the Chancellor said that this is a position that he is interested in filling first b/c there has been a vacuum.
  1. Women as Supervisors – How many women in line administrative positions in USM?  Drs. Robertson and Shapiro will begin to look for numbers.

Other Outside Meetings

K-16 Workgroup – Dr. Brigid Noonan

AAAC – Dr. John Collins

BOR – Full Board Meetings – Dr. David Parker will be attending

Finance – Drs. Carl Smith or Ron Chenette

Educational Policy – 5 meetings – (September, November, January, March, June) – Can Dr. Martha Siegel attend

UMATS – Telecommunications – Dr. Bill Chapin (4 slots)