Council of University System Faculty

Executive Committee Meeting - CUSF - September 9, 2002 - USM Office


Drs. V. Brannigan (UMCP), W.E. Chapin (UMES, Past Chair), J.H. Collins (UMBI, Vice Chair), B. Noonan (UMES, Secretary), D. Parker (SU, Chair), R. Robertson (USM) 

Dr. Brannigan reported that Dr. Sharon Siegel is no longer the a delegate from UMB

Committee Assignments:

See handout – pretty well set.

Dr. Parker will send out directions by 9/11/02 for September 17th meeting at the UMCP golf course.

For the first time in a long time. legislative activities are high on the priority list of the Chancellor (President’s Council and BOR will be more involved). 

At 9/17 meeting – CUSF will meet as a whole, committees will then meet, make plans and begin to outline how they will proceed. 


Legislative Affairs – Collective bargaining; “liaising” with system efforts in coordination of being high profile in the legislature.

Faculty Affairs – Faculty Bill of Rights; Women in first line administrative positions.

Academic Affairs – K-16; Student Evaluation of Faculty; Review of Administration.

Administrative/Financial Affairs – Faculty input into the budget process; Tuition remission versus fees (definition).

Membership/Rules – Number of FTE faculty and issue about faculty at UMUC.

Members of committees do not need to be members of CUSF

Members of search committees do not need to be members of CUSF

External Meetings

Ed Policy – Drs. Siegel or Collins (1/26 at UMBC; 1/29 at UB)

Finance – Drs. Ron Chenette/Carl Smith

Telecommunications – Dr. Marci McClive

BOR Meetings – Dr. David Parker


Matching funds for EC members (Dr. Robertson will look at letter from Chancellor to Presidents) 

CUSF EC will meet with the Senate Chairs and the Chancellor on October 29, 2002. 

BOR is realizing that student housing and lack of is an issue, particularly in this time of increasing student populations.