Council of University System Faculty

Executive Committee Meeting - CUSF - December 19, 2002 - CSC

[unapproved notes, as submitted by Secretary]

Present:  Drs. V. Brannigan (UMCP), W.E. Chapin (Past Chair), J.H. Collins (UMBI, Vice Chair), S. Gibson (UB), B. Noonan (UMES, Secretary), D. Parker (Chair)


1.        Action Items  if submitted in writing, the items should be presented at the beginning of the meeting. 
Policy Issues 
1.        January meeting  set to be held at USM headquarters in the atrium.  A suggestion was made to hold the meeting at the golf course or another location either at UMCP or UMUC.

Budget Crisis  it is imperative that CUSF keep abreast of the USM budget crisis, particularly through the Legislative Affairs Committee.  Perhaps Dr. Bryce could report at the January CUSF meeting about the budget  the CUSF Chair will inquire.