Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Executive Committee Meeting of August 4, 2003

CUSF Executive Committee Minutes

USM, August 4, 2003

Present: M. Siegel, V. Brannigan, E. W. Chapin, J. Collins, R. M. Garner

Since the meeting of the Presidents, scheduled earlier in the day, had been called off, the Executive Committee meeting began promptly at noon.  In order to avoid future confusion resulting from late changes in the meetings of other USM bodies, we agreed to make arrangements with the USM staff so that meeting notifications will be received by at least two members of the Executive Committee.

Old Business: 1. In conformance with the motion made at the June general CUSF meeting concerning the situation at Coppin State College, the Executive Committee decided that V. Brannigan and R. M. Garner would work together to draft a policy for an external appeals procedure (for appeals from campus shared-governance bodies of decisions of campus Presidents).  We anticipate seeing a draft policy by the time of the next Executive Committee meeting. Dr. Parker will continue to monitor the situation at Coppin.

2. In conformance with the motion made at the June general CUSF meeting concerning the budget strike force, V. Brannigan reported his plans to establish campus legislative liaisons so that CUSF can have timely access to budgetary and other information available only on the campuses and not through the USM administrative offices.  This will provide us with current accurate information as we need it in our budgetary work with legislators and the governor.  It will be important that we, the Presidents and the system speak with one voice in our efforts to assure sufficient funding to maintain excellence for the USM.

3. An ad hoc committee will be established to gather information on the current evaluation of administrators on the various campuses, to propose best practices and perhaps establish policy in this area.

4. In matters of faculty and student welfare, particularly in recently reported moves concerning efficiency and accountability, CUSF will continue monitoring to determine to what extent we are to be reporting current successful efficiency and to what extent the USM is looking to the introduction of further efficiencies in view of the budget situation.

New Business: 1. While recognizing the complications arising from USM staff reductions, the Executive Committee affirmed the need for consistent, regular, high-level USM representation at CUSF meetings.  M. Siegel will emphasize this at her August 5 meeting with Chancellor Kirwan.

2. Preliminary discussion of possible organizers for CUSF committees for the coming year included L. Richardson for Legislative Affairs, P. Alt for Academic Affairs, F. Alt for Faculty Affairs, M. Garner for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and K. Olsen for Membership and Rules.  M. Siegel will contact the people to determine their willingness to act as organizers for the CUSF committees.

3. V. Brannigan reported that he is already working at organizing the CUSF meeting with the Senate Chairs, scheduled for September 19, including working to get the names of the current chairs, some of whom may not be elected until the fall semester begins.

4. The current version of the CUSF web site seems to be meeting our current needs nicely. J. Collins was thanked for his good work on the web site.  Consideration of additional features, such as a members-only section, will come later, when and if the need arises.

5. We hope to have the opportunity to talk with Chancellor Kirwan at our September meeting and with Vice Chancellor Vivona at our October meeting. M. Siegel will work on these arrangements. Visits to CUSF by a member of the Board of Regents, or by members of the staff or student councils will be considered later.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after two o’clock.