Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Executive Committee Meeting of February 6, 2004


Council of University System Faculty

Executive Committee Meeting

February 6, 2004, USMO

Present: Vince Brannigan (CUSF), Bill Chapin (CUSF), Mike Garner (CUSF), Irv Goldstein (USM), Britt Kirwan (USM), Lee Richardson (UB), Martha Siegel (CUSF), Gertrude Eaton (USM)

The meeting was called to order immediately after the conclusions of the meeting of the Executive Committee with the Chairs.

We agreed on the general points for the agenda of the February general CUSF meeting, but decided to complete the details by e-mail.

Everyone was in agreement that the meeting with the Senate Chairs had gone well and that it was a good idea to have another one later in the semester. Similarly, the Department Chairs workshop at which Martha Siegel had given at talk, went well, but was perhaps too short to be of full benefit.

There is much work yet to be done for the student research day. Earlier and more efficient organization will be needed to repeat this event next year.

There is still some confusion about the organization of the rally in Annapolis, in particular, questions of how we can assure the presence of sufficient faculty and students from the various campuses.

Progress on the ART document seems to be slow. We need to push here to get beyond some of the technical hurdles. On the other hand the System Appeals document seems to be on track. We will probably not push hard at this time on the evaluation of Administrators since most campuses are not enthusiastic for doing more than they are now. Almost no one is evaluating Presidents.