Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Executive Committee Meeting of September 13, 2004

CUSF Executive Committee Minutes

September 13, 2004—Adelphi, MD

The meeting was called to order at noon. Vice Chancellor Goldstein discussed some of the issues he will be presenting at the general CUSF meeting next Monday. It is clear that some faculty concerns with new system-wide expectations are shared by the Chancellor and his staff.

We determined CUSF committee chairs for the coming year (provisional until Lee Richardson obtains agreement form those not at this meeting);

Standing Committees:

Academic Affairs: Brannigan

Faculty Affairs: P. Alt

Administrative and Financial Affairs: F. Alt

Legislative Affairs: S. Gibson

Membership and Rules: Chapin

Special Committees:

Student Research Day: M. Siegel

System Appeals/Ombudsman: M. Siegel

Regents Faculty Committee Awards: J. Zimmerman

We also determined a tentative agenda for the meeting next Monday (ordering of events may need rearrangements depending on when Vice Chancellor Goldstein can be present):


Light Breakfast


Introductions of members, staff


Approval of minutes, distribution of membership

list for corrections, adjustments

Report on ART policy (chair) and other continuing matters

Vice Chancellor Goldstein’s report on the State of the USM agenda for 2004-2005

Formation of CUSF committees and their organization

Lunch with continuing committee work


Brief committee reports on their plans


Reports on other activities:

Student Research Day in Annapolis

Senate Chairs meeting

Faculty Benefits Concerns

120 hour degree with 12 hours non-

traditional; extra hours surcharge

MHEC planning committees

SLOAR progress

Faculty Workload

Campus Budget Models

2:00          Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at two o’clock