Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Executive Committee Meeting of June 16, 2005

CUSF June 16, 2005 Meeting
Old and New Executive Committees
UMSO, Adelphi MD

Present: Lee Richardson (Chair), Vincent Brannigan (Vice Chair and At-Large-elect), E.W. Chapin (Secretary and Vice Chair-elect), John McMullen (At-Large-elect), John Collins (Secretary-elect), Joyce Shirazi (? - UMUC), Theresa Hollander (Associate Vice Chancellor, USM Office of Academic Affairs)

The meeting was called to order at about 12:30pm.

Chair Lee Richardson provided copies of the extensive current working document for a faculty policy on drug/alcohol abuse. It is clear that much work has been done toward getting a good version of such a document. The Ex Com agreed that it would be preferable to let the committee continue with its work before intervening with comments or observations.

Chair Richardson gave us all copies of a Call for Papers for a conference sponsored by the USM Diversity Network, to take place on October 15, 2005.

A recommendation for a new budgeting model and process, specific to the University of Baltimore, but also possibly applicable at other campuses, was distributed and discussed. Given the great diversity of the campuses, the model might well be more appropriate for some campuses than others.

The OCR situation, particularly in connection with the UB – TU MBA program seems to be at a delicate stage with a negotiating committee appointed to try to find a solution that will provide a viable program while satisfying the concerns of UB, TU, Morgan and the OCR. Unless all the parties decide that they wish to reach a resolution, the compromise process may be difficult.

It had been announced at the May CUSF meeting that the Lilly conference would not be held next time on a USM campus because no campus was prepared to act as host. It has now been determined that the conference will be held in Delaware.

Discussion indicated that the Ex Com is aware of and attuned to the notes that Chair-Elect Martha Siegel had obtained for us from the most recent Chancellor’s Council (and to Dr. Siegel’s comments on those notes). The position of CUSS and its level of specificity are not quite clear.

At the upcoming BOR meeting next week, the Board will elect a new Chair to replace Regent Kendall, who is stepping down as Chair but remaining on the Board. In addition to the usual annual change in student representative, at least two other Regents are to be replaced shortly.

In the matter of any action required on the CUSF procedure for dealing with appeals from faculty, the Ex Com will need to wait until JoAnn Goedert has the opportunity to speak again with Vice Chancellor Goldstein, who is in the process of recovering from a somewhat difficult knee surgery.

While most of the increase in the USM budget may get eaten up by increases in energy costs, in mandatory salary increases, etc., our situation is rather better than that of MHEC, which reportedly lost three more lines.

Considerable concern was expressed for the security of tenured faculty at UMBI should this campus be merged with some other campus or campuses. It is reported that the Chancellor has spoken positively about the security of these faculty positions, but the actual written rules are sufficiently complex to breed concern. Similarly, the lack of a tenure system for long-term full-time faculty at UMUC is a matter that may require our attention in the fall.

The current updated version of the CUSF membership list is now available on the web site for use, although we recognize that there will be campuses making adjustments during the summer (and perhaps even a few in the early fall, when nine-month employees return).

The first fall CUSF general meeting is scheduled at UMCES (the campus at Wye) on Wednesday September 21, 2005.