Council of University System Faculty

Executive Meeting: Tuesday, September 4, 2007

USM (Adelphi), Chancellor’s Room


John Collins (Chair)
Bill Stuart (Vice Chair)
Martha Siegel (At Large)
Joyce Shirazi (Secretary)
John Collins called the meeting to order at approximately 1:00pm. Much of the meeting was devoted to reports on the AAAC retreat and the proposed agenda for the September CUSF general body meeting.

John Collins Report from the AAAC Retreat 8/29/07 (2 days) Solomon’s Island

In Attendance (approximately 20 people)

  • Chief Academics Officers for USM institutions (primarily Provosts)
  • Chancellor – Brit Kirwan
  • Vice Chancellor – Irv Goldstein
  • CUSF Chair – John Collins

Chancellor’s presentation was the best and consisted of four main issues

  1. a. Budget Guidance – 4% general fund increase and 4% allowed for tuition increase

b. Pre-funded health benefit payments for retirees that will save the State a considerable amount of money
c. $54 million was borrowed from health account and will be returned this year
d. A 2.5% COLA will be given this year
e. 0.5% will be used for work efficiency this year instead of the 1% of last year, which is good
f. USM must plan for an 8% budget reduction, just in case
g. There will be a 5% increase in the state budget for government growth

  1. The Funding Commission

a. Expectations – How much does USM need and how to address the accountability of the money
b. General consensus is that the community colleges need to be prepared better
c. USM must make case for raising tax revenue
d. Wayne Hoffmeyer is on the commission from private industry
e. Hogan is the Vice Chancellor for Political Affairs and was replaced by Kessemeyer on the Educational Committee in the State Senate
f. New Chair – Bohannan
3.  Voluntary System of Accountability
4.  Chancellor’s Personal Concerns
a. Decrease achievement gap
b. Competitiveness in this country is decreasing. We are “dumbing down”. We are not reaping the benefits in MD of the money sent on research in MD
c. Climate change

Proposed Agenda

  • Ask Irv to discuss or give documents pertaining to

    -Carol Twigg work status
    -Salaries versus rank of faculty at USM
    -Benefits for instructors
    -Diversity of faculty at each USM institution

  • Invite Joe Vivona (USM) to explain current status of retirement benefits
  • Student Devon Ellis  invited to the meeting
  • Discuss Student Research Day
  • Send out notices for faculty awards now
  • Add timelines to the agenda
  • Consider delaying lunch for an hour until 1p.m. or starting the meeting at 9:45 am instead of 10 am

Lastly, it was agreed by all that we will invite Irv to all CUSF executive meetings to among other things, review the list of agenda items.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:45 p.m.