Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of April 16, 2003



April 16, 2003

Delegates Present Drs.F. Alt (UMCP), P. Alt (TU), A. Arthur (CSC), V. Brannigan (UMCP), W.E. Chapin (Past-Chair), R. Chennette (UMB), J. Collins (UMBI), J. Gelatt (UMUC), S. Gibson (UB), B. Laufer (TU), M. McClive (FSU), B. Noonan (UMES), W.E. Orser (UMBC), A. Pandey (SU), D. Parker (Chair), L. Richardson (UB), M. Siegel (TU), W. Stuart (UMCP), J.Stevenson (UMCES) , J. Tenney (UMBC – Alternate)  

Delegates Absent J. Organ (BSU)

Delegates Excused: P. Alreck (SU), Z. Berge (UMBC), C. Burry (UMB), R. Michael Garner (SU – Alt.), S. Havas (UMB), S. Jacobs (UMB), R. Jagus (UMBI), J. Lombardi (FSU), M. Mumper (FSU – Alt.), A. Norcio (UMBC), K. Olson (UMCP), C. Smith (UMCP)

Guests Dr. Ellen Zinner, SU (Assistant to the President), Dr. Ruth Robertson, USM

Dr. Parker called the meeting to order at 10:00 am and welcomed Dr. Ellen Zinner, Assistant to SU President, Dr. Dudley-Eshbach.  Dr. Zinner invited all to take some time and tour the campus this time of year.  Discussion surrounded the budget cuts taking place at SU.  There have been three open community meetings at SU to talk about the restructuring plan, which is posted on SU’s website, and each of the divisions of the school (5 areas) looked to see how monies could be saved.  Two areas minimally impacted were academic programs and faculty.  Additionally, there will be no new computers and no new vans.  Two furlough days (fiscal year beginning July 1, 2003) will take place in March 2004 and May 2004 for everyone.  Fifteen (15) positions were cut; 8 of which are individuals that are retiring; 7 will be let go beginning July 1, 2003.  The President has asked Faculty Senate and Staff Senate to poll the campus communities to see how many days individuals are willing to take in terms of furlough days. 

Questions about the SU restructuring plan were raised and Dr. Zinner made an effort to address CUSF’s concerns about the plan, e.g., pay reduction and laying off of employees.  CUSF thanked Dr. Zinner for her time. 

Chair’s Report:

President and Chancellor’s Council  Issue at hand is the budget.  The Governor has not signed the budget as of today, and no one knows how much more will be cut.

Regent’s Meeting (4/11/03)  Regent Faculty Awards ceremony took place.  Dr. Robertson reported that it was well attended and the BOR and recipients were very pleased. 

The CUSF Chair thanked the Regents for their work on behalf of the System, however, he did share with them that they needed to do more on behalf of the USM.  They agreed. 

A question arose about how many of the Regents lobbied the Governor about the budget cuts.  The Regents clearly understood that they have not done enough.  It was recommended that members of the Regents be invited to CUSF.  The structure of the Regents meeting was discussed (e.g., open meeting discussions taking place first and closed meeting taking place after the open meeting).

Next year’s CUSF agenda may include the Regents.  What is our plan?  How can CUSF involve them more?  Would it be possible for CUSF to have a presentation about its activities? 

Another issue is that there will be an on-going effort for CUSF to be involved in Annapolis activities. 

Question arose about UMCP and comments made about USM and Chancellor. 

Approval of January 17, 2003 CUSF minutes:  Approved

Approval of March 18, 2003 CUSF minutes:  Approved

CUSF Elections  The following individuals were elected to the Executive Committee for the 2003-2004 year:

Chair  Martha Siegel, TU

Vice Chair  Vince Brannigan, UMCP

Secretary: Bill Chapin, UMES

Elections for at-large members did not take place as CUSF members who were nominated at the March meeting were not eligible, because of by-law restrictions resulting from the election of the officers listed above.  The following individuals were nominated for the at-large position, of which two will be elected at the May 15, 2003 CUSF meeting:  J. Gelatt (UMUC), R.M. Garner (SU), J. Lombardi (FSU), M. Mumper (FSU), J. Organ (BSU), L. Richardson (UB)

Report on CUSF Demonstration:

The Chair reported on “Thunder Thursday” and the activities that took place.  Dr. Brannigan spoke with the Governor in academic regalia; other faculty members lobbied different legislators and/or their aides about the proposed budget cuts.  Thanks to everyone who participated, particularly, Drs. Garner (sign maker) and Gibson (talking points).   

Dr. Robertson conveyed thanks from the USM about the efforts from CUSF and those present at the rally.

Action Item:  Proposed By-Laws Changes

A motion was made and seconded to approve John Collins’proposed minor amendments to articles 2.3, 4.2 and 5.1 of the CUSF By-Laws.  A second motion was made and seconded to defer consideration of Dr. Collins’ proposals until the May 15, 2003 CUSF meeting, at which time additional By-Laws amendments proposed by the Membership and Rules Committee would also be considered.

Opinions about the proposed by-law changes need to be distributed to CUSF members within one week time in order to meet the requirements that proposed By-Laws amendments be distributed at least 20 days in advance of the May 15, 2003 meeting.  If changes are made, CUSF members need to receive them by April 25. The motion was passed to refer the by-laws to the Membership and Rules Committee.

Lunch – 12:10 pm

Reconvene – 1:00 pm

Action Items (cont.):

Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty  Removes all language regarding conflict of interest.  Faculty members are required to receive permission when teaching at other institutions.  Faculty members who act in a consulting role are not required to receive permission.

A motion was passed to approve the policy in principle, with concern surrounding language about teaching and other commitments made. 

Responsible Conduct of Research  An inventory is being shared across the USM regarding how institutions follow regulations about conducting research; how concepts are taught that ensure ethical decision making about human and animal subjects, ecology, integrity of data, publications, and mentoring; and how we handle misconduct.  Faculty members will probably be asked to respond to some parts of the survey.

CUSF Lobbying Efforts  Dr. Gibson suggested that CUSF and students engage in more lobbying efforts in Annapolis.  Additionally, Dr. Brannigan suggested that CUSF put together a budget task-force regarding strategy questions (200-300 folks) across the state; talk with the various legislators about what it is that we do on each of the campuses.

A suggestion was made to send comments to Dr. Brannigan about how to strategize for the next year, (e.g., efficiency plays a large role in this particular administration). 

Membership and Nominations  CUSF members were reminded to provide to the Committee comments on their proposed by-laws changes by April 21 in order for them to be distributed by April 25.

The CUSF reapportionment formula reflects that 5 institutions will gain additional members named to CUSF, and their respective faculty organizations should then be notified to identify members who would take office August 1, 2003.  The current CUSF membership of 33 will increase to 39 members.

A motion was passed to ask the CUSF Chair to ask the Vice Chair to make a last-minute change in the date of the long-scheduled April 18 meeting of the USM Senate Chairs with the Chancellor and CUSF Executive Committee for religious reasons.  Unfortunately, the Vice Chair was not present during this part of the meeting.

Adjournment:  1:35 pm.