Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of May 18, 2006


CUSF Meeting

May 18, 2006

Salisbury University

Present: Martha Siegel (Chair, TU); David Parker (Chair-Elect, SU); Lee Richardson (Past Chair, UB); E.W. Chapin (Vice Chair, UMES); John Collins (Secretary, UMBI); Vincent Brannigan (At-Large, UMCP); William Stuart (At-Large-Elect, UMCP); Frank Alt (UMCP); Alcott Arthur (CU); Rahim Ashkeboussi (FSU); Dennis Coates (UMBC); Memo Diriker (SU); Paul Flexner (SU); R. Michael Garner (SU); Stephanie Gibson (UB); John Gustafson (UMUC); H. Rodger Harvey (UMCES); Rosemary Jagus (UMBI); Joyce Currie Little (TU); Emmanuel Onyeozili (UMES); Douglas Pryor (TU); Kim Rotruck (FSU); Joyce Shirazi (UMUC); Joyce Tenney (UMBC).

Not Present: Patricia Alt (At-Large-Elect, TU); Zane Berge (UMBC); Denny Gulick (UMCP); Lori Harris (CSU); Marymal Holmes (BSU); Stephen Jacobs (UMB); A. Deloris James (UMUC); Adelaide Lagnese (UMUC); Joan Langdon (BSU); John McMullen (At-Large, FSU);Raymond Morgan (UMCES, alternate); Elizabeth Mulroy (UMB); Frank Robb (UMBI, alternate); Robert Scott (FSU, alternate); J. Court Stevenson (UMCES); Paul Thut (UMB); Harry Womack (SU, alternate); Patricia Young (UMBC, alternate); Jay Zimmerman (TU, alternate).

Honored Guests: David Buchanan (SU Provost) and Robert Tardiff (SU Associate Provost).

Dr. Siegel called the meeting to order at 10:05am. She called on Dr. Garner, who introduced Drs. David Buchanan (SU Provost) and Robert Tardiff (SU Associate Provost). Dr. Buchanan welcomed the group and conveyed greetings from SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach (who was attending a Board of Regents’ budget meeting in Baltimore). Dr. Buchanan gave an update of shared governance activities at SU. He said that the SU faculty had recently voted on adoption of a new curriculum. He noted that SU is a growth institute of USM. He expects to meet the enrollment goals for next year. Dr. Siegel asked Dr. Tardiff to report on recent AAAC activities. Among several topics, he talked about health benefits and how to fund them. He said that Governor Ehrlich would soon announce that (in his judgement) USM has met the OCR requirements. There was a general discussion of various issues which ended at 10:43am.

Chair’s report: Dr. Siegel noted that the Board of Regents reputation has been tarnished by recent news reports. She expressed her disappointment in the lack of progress this year in providing health benefits to full-time, non-tenure-track faculty. She said that CUSF should prepare a list of high-priority agenda items for 2006-2007. A general discussion of health care benefits ensued. Dr. Siegel said that CUSF should form an ad hoc committee to work on phased-in retirement. The USM residency policy is another important issue. She recommended that faculty handbooks be posted on campus web sites. Another issue (a bone of contention at one USM institution) is contract dates. A general discussion of these issues, as well as textbook prices, ensued. Dr. Siegel distributed a document on the proposed definition of a dependent. A vigorous discussion followed. Dr. Brannigan made a motion to reject this proposal. It was agreed that his motion would be tabled, written up during lunch break and presented for further discussion and a vote after lunch.

At 11:44am the minutes of the April 18 CUSF meeting were unanimously approved without revision.

Dr. Frank Alt reported on the recent MHEC-FAC meeting, at which he presented a proposal for a shared governance policy that was approved unanimously by MHEC-FAC at that meeting. After a discussion, it was agreed that Frank would relay to MHEC-FAC the concerns of several CUSF members that the current statement does not incorporate CUSF's position on shared governance.

At noon, Dr. Siegel distributed proposed changes to Regents Faculty Award policy  (with one small change suggested by AAAC) for consideration by the group.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and workgroup sessions at 12:08pm, and resumed at 12:45 pm. The MHEC-FAC document was further discussed. It was moved by EWC that specific suggestions for changes be brought back to MHEC-FAC for further consideration and eventual presentation to the full MHEC. This motion was approved.

Dr. Brannigan presented some proposed changes to the "definition of dependent" draft document that had been distributed earlier in the meeting. Dr. Garner suggested that something a little different was called for. There was further discussion, with input from several people. It was moved and agreed unanimously that a revised document would be sent to the CUSF Executive Committee for final word smithing and forwarding to James Sansbury.

Dr. Siegel reintroduced the proposed revisions to the Regents Faculty Awards policy. She noted that, on some campuses, action by the faculty senate is a bottleneck. AAAC had some objections to the proposed changes because it is often difficult to get faculty to act in a timely manner. Dr. Siegel thanked Dr. P. Alt and her committee for their work and suggested that CUSF accept the report with only minor changes. This was unanimously agreed to.

Drs. Siegel and Parker requested and received unanimous approval for the dates (but not the locations) for the 2006-2007 schedule of CUSF general meetings.

Dr. Siegel told the group about the USM faculty initiatives diversity meeting. She advised the group to look at their web site for further information.

Dr. Siegel noted that flexibility of the tenure clock will be an important issue for CUSF during the coming year.

It was agreed to cancel the June 19 CUSF meeting. The CUSF Executive Committee would meet in June, however.

Dr. Siegel was thanked and applauded for her outstanding leadership as CUSF Chair.

Dr. Chapin recommended Joel Cohen, Alcott Arthur and Jay Zimmerman as members of the hearing committee for ombuds issues. This was unanimously approved by the group.

Dr. Siegel asked for nominees to the Regents Faculty Awards committee. She and Dr. Parker asked for volunteers for CUSF standing committees during 2006-2007.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:00pm.