USM Accessible Technology and Information Workgroup

Accessible technology and information is a large, multifaceted concern. To begin to address accessibility barriers proactively, the Directors of Disability Services on USM campuses began to meet to discuss how to advance the accessibility of content and services to all individuals across institutions within the USM. The USM Directors discovered that each institution was at a different baseline to address concerns of accessibility.

In order to organize efforts to become more accessible, the Directors formed a USM Accessible Technology and Information Workgroup. This group has focused on the development of a proposal of USM guidelines to promote equal access to information that would result in an all-inclusive learning and working environment.


Jo Ann Hutchinson, University of Maryland, College Park
Susan Willemin, Towson University
Deborah Levi, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Karyn Schulz, University of Baltimore
Tawny McManus, University of Maryland, Baltimore County