Board of Regents

Committee on Education Policy

September 26, 2006

9:30 a.m.

University of Maryland, University College

Public Session

Action Items

  1. New Academic Program Proposals

    a. University of Maryland, College Park: Master of Real Estate Development (MRED).

Information/Discussion Items

  1. Waiver of Certain Residency Requirements for Relocating Civilian Employees of the U.S. Armed Forces under BRAC 2005.
  2. K-16 Update.
    a. USM Grant-Funded Partnerships.
    b. K-16 Leadership Council.
  3. Status Report on Teacher Education in the USM. 
  4.  Academic Advising Best Practices and Status Report.
  5. USM Report on Transfer Students: Patterns of Enrollment and Success.
  6. Role and Function of the BOR Education Policy Committee.
  7. Tentative Annual Agenda 2006-2007.