University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

APRIL 13, 2007

AGENDA FOR PUBLIC SESSION                      8:30 A.M.

A.   Call to Order                             Chairman Kendall

B.   Welcome from UMCES               President Boesch

C.   Committee of the Whole            Regent Kendall

           1.  Conferring of Regents' Faculty Awards      Chairman Kendall, Chancellor Kirwan

               a.    Mentoring: Dr. Bonnie Thornton Dill, UMCP

               b.    Mentoring:  Dr. James Howard, UMUC

               c.    Mentoring:  Dr. David Inouye, UMCP

               d.    Mentoring:  Dr. David O'Brochta, UMBI

               e.    Collaboration in Public Service:  Dr. Mark Marten, UMBC, Dr. David Schaefer, TU

               f.     Public Service: Dr. Philip DeShong,UMCP

               g.    Public Service: Dr. Renee Shea, BSU

               h.    Public Service: Dr. Sudhir Singh, FSU

               i.     Public Service:  Dr. Yonathan Zohar, UMBI

               j.     Teaching: Dr. Ernest Bond, SU

               k.    Teaching: Dr. Christine Nielsen, UB

               l.     Teaching: Dr. Edward Redish, UMCP

               m.   Teaching: Dr. Don Spickler, SU

               n.    Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity:
                      Dr. Sandra Herbert, UMBC

               o.    Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity:
                      Dr. Arie Kruglanski, UMCP

               p.    Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity: Dr. Robert  Schwarcz, UMB

            2.   Approval of minutes from February 16, 2007 (action)

            3.   Proposed Modification of USM II - 1.05 Policy on the Employment 
                  Full-Time,  Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty in the University
                  System of Maryland, ActionC.7.(benefits)(action)

            4.  Policy on Advertising VI-3.00 (action)

            5.  FY 2008 Schedule of Tuition &  Mandatory Fees   Mr. Vivona

            6.  Chancellor Kirwan's Report       Chancellor Kirwan

 D.  Report of Councils

           1.  Council of University System Presidents  President Thompson

           2.  Council of University Faculty                 Dr. Parker

           3.  Council of University System Staff         Mr. Lauer

           4.  University System of Student Council     Mr. Bailey


E.   Education Policy Committee        Regent Hoffman

          1.  Middle States Accreditation Reports:  Frostburg State University and Salisbury University (information)

          2.  Results of Periodic Reviews of Academic Programs (information)

          3.  External Funding Report (information)

         4.  USM Enrollment Projections, 2007-2016 (information)

         5.  Campus Crime Reports, 2005 (information)

F.   Finance Committee             Regent Pevenstein

         1.    Self-Support Charges and Fees for FY 2008 (action)

         2.    USM Enrollment Projections:  2007-2016 (action)

         3.    Proposed Amendment to the Nonexempt Staff Employees Salary Structure (action)

         4.    University of Maryland College Park:  Increase Authorization for the Renovation of
                Hornbake &   McKeldin Libraries (action) 

         5.    University of Maryland, Baltimore County:  Food Service Contract Renewal (action)

         6.    University of Maryland, Baltimore:  Dental Student Clinics Management Contract (action)

G.   Audit and Inst. Assessment Committee              Regent Gill

H.   Committee on Organization and Compensation  Regent Mitchell

        1.     Rescission to Policy VII -200 (action)

        2.     Amendment to Policy VII.5.10 (action)

I.    Technology Transfer Workgroup    Regent Gill

J.    Capital Campaign Workgroup  Chairman  Kendall                                                        

K.   HBCUs and Student Success Workgroup    Regent Johnson