of Maryland Eastern Shore
A. Henson Center, Ballroom

June 18, 2010


A. Call to Order Chairman Kendall

B. Welcome from University of Maryland Eastern Shore President Thompson

C. Committee of the Whole — Chairman Kendall

1. Approval of meeting minutes from April 16, 2010 (action)
Executive Session
Public Session
2. Resolution of Appreciation for Regents A. Dwight Pettit and Sarah Elfreth (action)
3. Election of Officers (action)
4. Chancellor's Annual Report (information)
5. Approval of Meeting Dates for FY11 (action)
D. Report of Councils

1. Council of University System Presidents — President Caret
     May 3, 2010
     June 7, 2010
2. Council of University System Faculty — Dr. Stuart
3. Council of University System Staff — Mr. Brown
4. University System of Maryland Student Council — Mr.Walker
E. Education Policy Committee — Regent Florestano
1. Approval of Minutes of June 2, 2010
2. New Academic Program Proposals.
a. BSU: B.A./B.S. in Criminal Justice.
b. SU: Doctor of Nursing Practice.
c. UMCP: MS in Human Computer Interaction.
d. UMES: B.S. in Urban Forestry.
e. UMES: P.S.M. in Quantitative Fisheries and Resource Economics.


3. Report on Program Actions Delegated to the Chancellor, 2009-2010.
4. P-20 Update.
5. Annual Report on Intercollegiate Athletics.

a. Institutional Reports to the Board of Regents for AY 2008-2009.
b. Update on CSU Plans to Address Structural Deficit in the Intercollegiate Athletics Program.
6. USM Report on Transfer Students: Patterns of Enrollment and Success.
7. Report on Retention and Graduation Rates in the USM.
F. Finance Committee — Regent Kelly
1. FY 2012 Capital Budget Request; and FY2012-2016 Capital Improvement Program (action)
2. FY 2011 System Funded Construction Program Request (action)
3. Proposed Policy on Community Notification of Capital Projects (action)
4. University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Facilities Master Plan Update (action)
5. Policy Revisions to Board Policies VII - 7.23 Military Leave with Pay for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees on Regular Status and VII - 7.24 Call-up to Active Military Duty During a National or International Crisis or Conflict for USM Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees on Regular Status (action)
6. Proposed Revision to USM Board Policy - VII-7.50 Family and Medical Leave (action)
7. Towson University: Dining Services Contract (action)
8. Proposed FY 2011 Contract between the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation (action)
9. University of Maryland, Baltimore: Proposed Exception to the USM Policy on Tuition for US Army Nurses Accepted for Admission into Selected Graduate Programs at the UM School of Nursing (action)
10. University of Maryland, College Park: Covenant of Purpose, Use and Ownership (action)
11. University of Maryland University College: Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Contract (action)
12. University System of Maryland: Review of Capital Improvement Projects (information)
G. Audit and Inst. Assessment Committee — Regent Shea

H. Committee on Advancement — Regent Gossett

I. Economic Development and Technology Commercialization Work Group — Regent Attman

J. Effectiveness & Efficiency Work Group — Regent Slater

1. Proposal to Establish Effectiveness and Efficiency Innovation Award Categories (action)
K. Reconvene to Executive Session (action) — Chairman Kendall