Frostburg State University
Lane Center - Room 232


Call to OrderChair Florestano

Welcome from the Frostburg State UniversityDr. Gibralter

1. Committee of the WholeChair Florestano

a. Conferring of Regents' Faculty Awards —Chair Florestano and Chancellor Kirwan
  1. Teaching: Dr. Thomas Abrams, UMB
  2. Teaching: Dr. Kenneth Kiger, UMCP
  3. Teaching: Dr. Leslie M. Pang, UMUC
  4. Teaching: Dr. B. Blair Taylor, TU
  5. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Arthur L. Allen, UMES
  6. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. John T. Fourkas, UMCP
  7. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. W. Michael Kemp, UMCES
  8. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Bimal Sinha, UMBC
  9. Mentoring: Dr. Patricia Alexander, UMCP
  10. Mentoring: Dr. Vanessa P. Fahie, UMB
  11. Mentoring: Dr. Stella Porto, UMUC
  12. Mentoring: Dr. Penny Rheingans, UMBC
  13. Public Service: Ms. Margaret Johnson, UB
  14. Public Service: Dr. Karen Kauffman, UMB
  15. Public Service: Dr. Steven Phillips, TU
  16. Public Service: Dr. Irmak Renda-Tanali, UMUC
b. Approval of meeting minutes from February 17, 2012 Public Session (action)
c. Approval of notes from February 17, 2012 Executive Session (action)
d. Approval of meeting minutes from March 1, 2012 Special Board Meeting (action)
e. Approval of notes from March 19, 2012 Special Board Meeting (action)
f. BOR Nominating Committee (action)
g. Chancellor's Report (information)

2. Report of Councils 

a. Council of University System Presidents — President Burnim
b. Council of University System Faculty — Dr. Shirazi
c. Council of University System Staff —Mr. Brown
d. University System of Maryland Student Council — Mr. Schoelen

3. Education Policy CommitteeRegent Michaux Gonzales

a. Approval of minutes from March 28, 2012 Public Session (action)
b. Approval of minutes from March 28, 2012 Executive Session (action)
c. New Academic Program Proposals (action)
i. UB: Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communication
ii. UMCP: Master of Arts, Master of Education and Ph.D. in Higher Education, Student Affairs and International Education Policy
iii. UMCP: Master of Arts and Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Second Language Acquisition
iv. CSU: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
v. CSU: Bachelor of Science in Management
vi. FSU: Bachelor of Science in Secure Computing and Information Assurance
vii. UMBC: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design
viii. UMBC: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship
ix. UMUC: Master of Science in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation
d. Proposed Changes to USM Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty (II-1.00) (action)
e. Proposed Change to USM Policy on Sabbatical Leave for Faculty (II-2.00) (action)
f. Proposed Changes to USM Policy on University System Student Council (I-3.00) and Policy on Constitution of the University System Student Council (I-3.01) (action)
g. Report on USM Institutional SAT Profile (information)
h. Report on Retention and Graduation Rates (information)
i. USM Enrollment Projections, 2012-2021 (information)

4. Finance CommitteeRegent Kelly

a. Approval of minutes from March 29, 2012 Public Session (action)
b. Approval of notes from March 29, 2012 Executive Session (action)
c. USM Enrollment Projections: 2012-2021 (action)
d. USM: Self-Support Charges and Fees for FY 2013 (action)
e. USM Biennial Exempt Market Salary Survey Report - Exempt Staff Employees Salary Structure (action)
f. University of Maryland, College Park: Facilities Master Plan Update (action)
g. University of Maryland, Baltimore: Dental Student Clinics Management Contract (action)
h. Towson University: Increase in Authorization for the Towson Center Arena Project (action)
i. University System of Maryland: Review of Capital Improvement Projects (information)

5. Audit and Inst. Assessment CommitteeRegent Augustine

a. Approval of notes from March 29, 2012 Closed Session (action)

6. Committee on AdvancementRegent Gossett

a. Campaign Report Update

7. Economic Development and Technology Commercialization CommitteeRegent Attman

a. Minutes from March 29, 2012 Public Session (action)
b. Approval of notes from March 29, 2012 Closed Session (action)

8. Reconvene to Executive Session (action)Chair Florestano