USM Seal
April 15, 2016
9:00 A.M.
University of Maryland University College
College Park Marriott & Conference Center
Potomac Ballroom - Salon 2

Cover Memo - Meeting of the Board of Regents, Friday, April 15, 2016

Map and Driving Directions

Call to Order Chairman Shea

Welcome from University of Maryland University CollegePresident Miyares

1. Committee of the WholeChairman Shea

a. Conferring of Regents' Faculty Awards (action) — Chairman Shea and Chancellor Caret i. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Rebecca Adelman, UMBC
ii. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Ramani Duraiswami, UMCP
iii. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Upal Ghosh, UMBC
iv. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity: Dr. Hany Sobhi, CSU
v. Public Service: Dr. Valli Meeks, UMB
vi. Public Service: Dr. Anne Spence, UMBC
vii. Public Service: Dr. Debra Stanley, UB
viii. Public Service: Dr. Jane Wolfson, TU
ix. Teaching: Dr. Heather A. Gable, FSU
x. Teaching: Dr. Karen Hopkins, UMB
xi. Teaching: Dr. Jungho Kim, UMCP
xii. Teaching: Dr. Rommel Miranda, TU
xiii. Mentoring: Dr. Paulinus Chigbu, UMES
xiv. Mentoring: Dr. Matthew R. Hemm, TU
xv. Mentoring: Dr. Russell Hill, UMCES
xvi. Mentoring: Dr. Ivan Sheehan, UB
xvii. Innovation: Dr. Hoda El-Sayed, BSU
b. Approval of meeting minutes from February 12, 2016 Public and Closed Session; February 24, 2016 Special Board Meeting Public Session; and March 19, 2016 Special Board Meeting Public Session (action)
c. Amendment to USM Policy VIII-2.01 II.C. - Policy on Tuition (action)
d. Tuition and Fee Schedule for FY 2017 (action)
e. Discussion of SB 1052-MPower II (information)
f. BOR Nominating Committee (information)
g. Chancellor's Report (information)

2. Report of Councils  

a. Council of University System Staff — Ms. Wimbish
i. Revisions of CUSS Bylaws/Constitution (action) b. Council of University System Faculty — Dr. Bryant
c. Council of University System Presidents —President Dudley-Eshbach
i. March 7, 2016
ii. April 4, 2016
d. University System of Maryland Student Council Mr. Sampson

3. Committee on Organization and CompensationRegent Kinkopf

a. Approval of meeting minutes from March 8, 2016 Public and Closed Sessions (action)

4. Committee on AdvancementRegent Gossett

a. Year-to-date Fundraising Report for FY16 February (information)

5. Committee on AuditRegent Gooden

a. Approval of meeting minutes from March 22, 2016 Public and Closed Session (action)

6. Committee on FinanceRegent Pevenstein

a. Approval of meeting minutes from March 31, 2016 Public Session (action)
b. University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Facilities Master Plan Update (information)
c. USM Enrollment Projections: 2016 – 2025 (action)
d. University System of Maryland: Self-Support Charges and Fees for FY 2017 (action)
e. Proposed Board Policy on Criminal Background Checks for Faculty and Staff Employees (action)
f. University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Food Service Contract Renewal (action)
g. University of Maryland, Baltimore: Dental Student Clinics Management Contract (action)
h. University of Maryland, College Park: Lease of Building 006 located at 7761 Greenhouse Road, College Park (action)
i. University of Maryland, College Park: Lease of Building 011 located at 4425 Paint Branch Parkway, College Park (action)
j. University of Maryland, College Park: Exchange of 7505 and 7511 Yale Avenue for 7612 Mowatt Lane in College Park (action)
k. University of Maryland, College Park: Ground Lease and Exchange Agreement with the Owner Entity Fund, LLC (action)
l. University of Maryland, College Park: Lease for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force (action)
m. University of Maryland University College: Renewal of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Contract (action)
n. Frostburg State University: Student Housing (information)
o. 2015 USM Dashboard Indicators (information)
p. University System of Maryland: Review of Capital Improvement Projects (information)

7. Committee on Education Policy & Student LifeRegent Brady

a. Approval of meeting minutes from March 8, 2016 Public Session (action)
b. Academic Program Proposal
i. University of Maryland, College Park: Master of Science in Business Analytics (action) c. Comprehensive Pipeline Review i. Report on USM Institutional SAT Profile (information)
ii. Report on Retention and Graduation Rates (information)
iii. Report on Transfer Students (information)
d. Diversity and Inclusion: Students' Lives on Campus (information)
e. New Program 5-Year Enrollment Review (information)
f. Update: William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation (information)

8. Committee on Economic Development and Technology CommercializationRegent Attman

a. Approval of meeting minutes from March 31, 2016 Public Session (action)

9. Reconvene to Closed Session (action)Chairman Shea