Approved October 17, 2003



September 12, 2003



Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Larson seconded and the Board
of Regents voted unanimously to convene in Closed and
Executive Session with the Chancellor on Friday, September
12, 2003, at noon at The University of Maryland Center for
Environmental Science. Those present were: Chairman
Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Hug, Johnson,
Larson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley,
Rosapepe, Shockley, Tydings, Wood; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice
Chancellors Vivona, Interim Vice Chancellors Boesch and
Dillon; Ms. Ryan, Assistant Attorney Generals Anderson and
Short. The Board of Regents reviewed items on the agenda
that were exempted under the Open Meetings Act for
consideration in closed and executive session. The meeting
adjourned at 12:30 p.m. .

Minutes of the sessions are attached.

Public Session

Chairman Kendall called the Public Session of the Board of
Regents to order at 8:34 a.m. at the University of Maryland
Center for Environmental Science on Friday, September 12,
2003. Those present were: Chairman Kendall, Regents
Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Hug, Johnson, Larson, Mandel,
Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe,
Shockley, Tydings, Wood; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors
Vivona, Interim Vice Chancellors Boesch and Dillon;
Presidents Battle, Bogomolny, Caret, Gira, Heeger,
Hrabowski, Hunter-Cevera, Low, Mote, and Ramsay; Vice
President and Dr. Holden (UMES) and Ms. Ryan, Assistant
Attorney Generals Anderson and Short, USM staff members,
members of the press and other observers.

A. President Boesch welcomed the Regents, Presidents and
others to UMCES. He presented an overview and history of
UMCES and gave background on the new Aquaculture and
Restoration Ecology Laboratory.

Following Dr. Boesch’s presentation, Chairman Kendall
thanked Dr. Boesch for his outstanding work as the Interim
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

B.Committee of the Whole

1. Regent Kendall introduced and welcomed A. Dwight
Pettit to the Board of Regents.

2. Regent Kendall moved for approval of the minutes from
the meeting of June 27, 2003; seconded by Regent Nevins
and unanimously approved.

3 Regent Kendall moved for approval of the minutes from
the Special Meeting of the Board of Regents on July 11,
2003; seconded by Regent Nevins and unanimously

4. The Nominating Committee consisting of Regents Finan,
Hug and Johnson, presented the slate of officers of the
Board of Regents for FY 2004:

Chair: Clifford M. Kendall
Vice Chair: Charles R. Larson
Secretary: William T. Wood
Assistant Secretary: Robert L. Pevenstein
Treasurer: Orlan M. Johnson
Assistant Treasurer: Patricia S. Florestano

Seconded by Regent Finan and unanimously approved.

Chairman Kendall thanked the Regents for electing him
as chair stating that it is an honor to serve and work
with such a committed group of individuals for the
System. He then thanked the USM administrative staff
for their work and support.

5. By-Laws Review and Amendment: Bylaws Review
Chancellor Kirwan presented the review of the USM
Board of Regent By-Laws following the
recommendations of the Work Group on Best Practices.
The Bylaws provide for the elimination of three
standing committees: By-laws, External Relations
and Technology and the establishment of issue-
oriented work groups.
Motion to approve, with minor editing, by Chairman
Kendall; seconded by Regent Florestano and unanimously

6. Coppin State College Name Change – Chancellor Kirwan
requested that Coppin President Battle present
background for the name change from Coppin State
College to Coppin State University. Dr. Battle stated
that in polling the campus, 99% of the faculty, staff
and alumni favored the name change to better reflect
the institution’s mission.
Motion to approved from Regent Kendall; moved by Regent
Larson; seconded by Regent Nevins and unanimously

The request for the name change will be presented as
legislation to the General Assembly in the 2004

7. Chancellor Kirwan presented his first Annual Report to
the Board of Regents. Copies of the report are on file
with the minutes.

8. Regent Work Groups Update – Regent Kendall

The Board has established three workgroups: Public
Corporation, Effectiveness and Efficiencies and
Resource Development.

The Public Corporation, chaired by Regent Johnson, will
work to take advantage of our designation as a public
corporation; examining the laws and how we do business
and how to take advantage of this fact.

Resource Development, chaired by Regent Wood, will work
to identify and develop alternative sources of revenue.

Effectiveness and Efficiencies Workgroup, chaired by
Chairman Kendall, will look at the way we do business
and work to make it more effective and efficient.

Chairman Kendall: There have been numerous requests to
address the Board of Regents. While I would like to have
everyone speak, we do have councils and committees that
report to the Board and those reports are not inhibited.
Items that are of importance can be brought through these
committees. Where there are topics of special importance
such as tuition, these items should be referred to the
pertinent Board committee to address. On occasions when
we have special meetings, we will bring in pertinent
groups. I am reluctant to have us accept everyone who
wants to speak to the Board. We have an agenda that the
Board members need to get through on time. Often the
topics that are presented for discussion are not
pertinent to the agenda. Many of the matters that are
requested for presentation are matters that are specific
to the institutions and should be managed by the
institutions. We are interested in taking a look at our
activities. We’ve had an ad hoc committee to look at how
effective we are as a Board. I have asked the
Organization and Compensation Committee to perform a more
in-depth review and develop further recommendations as to
how the Board can conduct their affairs in a more
effective and efficient manner. In response to these
requests to speak to the Board, I am asking the
Organization and Compensation Committee to examine the
process in which we receive the requests and see if we
are handling the requests in the correct manner.

Regent Rosapepe: I appreciate the approach you are
taking. When we had this discussion of best practices,
one of the issues that we discussed is the need for more
interaction between the regents and interested
constituents. It is important to get diverse input.

Chairman Kendall: The Board has several
responsibilities: policies, development of resources and
hiring/firing of chancellor and presidents. I view my
role as managing the Board; the Chancellor’s role as
managing the System with Presidents managing the
institutions. We need to be sure that we don’t meddle in
the day to day running of the institutions.

Regent Larson: The Committee on Organization and
Compensation will gladly take on the role; the public
needs to know what the expectations are. We need to
balance (1) authority of presidents to solve their
problems, and (2) accessibility to the public.

Regent Mandel: Isn’t one of the purposes of the
committee structure to have these people go to the
committees and if appropriate, be referred to the board?

Regent Larson: Yes.

Regent Nevins: In reading Mr. Daley’s letter, many of
the items referenced would normally be handled by the
Finance Committee, and we would be happy to address all
of them at the next meeting.

C.Reports of the Advisory Councils

1. President Gira presented the report of the Council of
University System Presidents. She stated that the
presidents are invigorated and enthused with the arrival of
students to the campuses and new facilities coming on line.
Work is beginning on the FY05 budgets. Realizing that the
budget will be flat, presidents need to respond to the
challenge from Chancellor Kirwan to convince policy makers
of the erosion of the System. Dr. Gira stated that
presidents are eager to work with the three BOR work groups.
She also noted that three USM presidents will be having
their inaugurals this fall: Dr. Thompson from UMES, Dr.
Battle from Coppin and Dr. Caret from Towson University.

2. Dr. Martha Siegel, the new chair of CUSF, presented the
report of the Council of University System Faculty. In the
coming year, CUSF will look at the Board and campus polices
on shared governance, retrenchment guidelines and grievance
guidelines; ART document requires clarification; individual
concerns for presidential authority and looking for some
procedure to take certain types of appeals to the Regents.

Regent Florestano urged the Council to pay attention to
the Efficiencies and Effectiveness Committee.

Chairman Kendall said he is looking forward to working
with Dr. Siegel and CUSF during the coming year.

3. Council of University System Staff – Mr. Hill presented
the report of the Council stating that CUSS is motivated to
support USM and its mission. Items that are on the CUSS
agenda for the year are: USM staff training program, Policy
on Conduct, Discipline, Assistant and Education for Abuse of
Drugs and Alcohol for Exempt and Non-exempt Employees;
Follow-up the Employee Assistant Program, Proposed revisions
to the Non-Exempt and Exempt Pay Program for individuals
rated “Above Standard,” proposed revisions to the Exempt
salary guidelines and a study which will reflect the growth
of our institutions and its faculty, staff and students.

4. University System Student Council – Mr. Patton stated
that the first meeting of the USSC would take place the
following week. Mr. Patton suggested round table forums
twice a year for campus student leaders to discuss concerns
with the Chancellor and Regents.

D.Report of the Committee on Finance – Regent Nevins

1.The minutes of the August 21, 2003 meeting of the
Finance Committee were unanimously approved.
Regent Nevins then moved that items 2-5 be placed on
the consent agenda; seconded by Regent Rosapepe.

2. Bowie State University: Food Services Contract-Contract
Exceeding $5 million
3. UMCP: Disposition of Properties located at 4218 and
4220 Knox Road, College Park, MD.
4. USM: Dedication and conveyance of Road Area to
Montgomery County, MD.
5. UMUC: 2001-2011 Facilities Master Plan

Regent Shockley: At a previous meeting, a student
intern program with the food service agency was to be set
up; I would ask that Bowie administration come back and
report on the progress of implementing the program.

Items were unanimously approved.

Regent Nevins: At the last Finance Committee meeting, we
asked Regents Wood and Pevenstein to head a finance
committee based task force that will deal with deferred
and preventative maintenance issues relative to the
capital facilities.

Regent Nevins as said that the Finance Committee is
pleased to serve as the forum for individuals to address
appropriate items.

6. USM: Quarterly Review of Capital Improvement Projects
was presented as information only.

E. New Business

Regent Tydings asked that President Ramsay present an
overview of a grant that the School of Medicine has just

President Ramsay: In response to request from NIH, requested
grant proposals for regional centers be established across
the country to protect the public from bioterrorism. UMB is
a leading institution in vaccine development. UMB was
successful in receiving the grant which is in the amount of
$44.5 million.

F. Adjournment – 10:16 a.m.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003

Present: Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano,
Houghton, Hug, Johnson, Larson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins,
Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, Shockley, Tydings,
Wood; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Vivona, Boesch and
Dillon, Assistant Attorney General Anderson and Ms. Ryan.

A motion was made and seconded to convene in executive
session at noon to address executive function items and
items exempted from consideration in open session under the
Open Meetings Act.

A. Brief discussion of advocacy initiative in support of
the USM.
B. Briefly discussed plans for developing the FY 05
C. Approved Finance Committee items appropriately exempt,
including UMBC Research Park Corporation Board; Creation
of an Affiliated Foundation and Business Entity in
Support of the Mission and to Create Revenue for the
UMES; Research Park Land Acquisition Modification and
Ground Lease for UMB.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.