APPROVED 12/12/03


                  MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF
                      October 17, 2003
                 Frostburg State University
                      EXECUTIVE SESSION

Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Larson seconded and the Board
of Regents voted unanimously to convene in Closed and
Executive Session with the Chancellor on Friday, October 17,
2003, at 8:05 a.m. at Frostburg State University.  Those
present were:   Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano,
Houghton, Hug, Larson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit,
Pevenstein, Rosapepe, Shockley, Tydings, Wood; Chancellor
Kirwan, Vice Chancellor Vivona,  Ms. Ryan, Assistant
Attorney Generals Anderson and Short.  The Board of Regents
reviewed items on the agenda that were exempted under the
Open Meetings Act for consideration in closed and executive
session. The meeting adjourned at 9:03 a.m.            .

Notes of the session are attached.

Public Session

Chairman Kendall called the Public Session of the Board of
Regents to order at 9:15 a.m. at Frostburg State University
on Friday, October 17, 2003.  Those present were:   Chairman
Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Hug, Larson,
Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Rosapepe,
Shockley, Tydings, Wood; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors
Vivona, Interim Vice Chancellor Dillon, Vice Chancellor
Designate Goldstein;  Presidents Battle, Boesch, Caret,
Gira, Heeger, Hrabowski, Hunter-Cevera, Lowe, Mote, and
Ramsay;  Vice Presidents Buchanan (SU), Holden (UMES) and
Mr. Lynerd (UB); Assistant Attorney Generals Anderson and
Short, Ms. Ryan and USM staff members, members of the press
and other observers.

A.   President Catherine Gira welcomed the Regents and
others to Frostburg State University.     Dr. Gira presented
a brief history of Frostburg and an overview of FSU's impact
on the Western Maryland Region.

B.   Committee of the Whole

     1. The minutes from September 12, 2003 Board of
       Regents meeting of the Board of Regents were
       unanimously approved.
     2. Chancellor Kirwan presented the Chancellor's Report
       noting that the USM will be hosting a series of
       regional legislative breakfasts prior to the
       beginning of the 2004 Session.  Dr. Kirwan offered
       congratulations to Professor Mortimer Sellers who
       was named "Regents Professor;"  he noted the
       upcoming installations of President Battle of Coppin
       State College and President Caret of Towson
       University. Full text of Chancellor's report on file
       with the minutes.
     3. Dr. Kirwan introduced Philip Singerman, Executive
       Director of TEDCO, a group that is enabling the
       transfer and commercialization of technology and
       intellectual property in the biosciences from
       universities and federal laboratories to the private
       sector.  Mr. Singerman announced, on behalf of
       Governor Ehrlich, a new state program to increase
       technology transfer from Maryland universities.
       News Release is on file with the minutes.
C.   Reports of the USM Councils

       1. President Gira presented the report from the Council of
       University Presidents.  Presidents are pleased to be
       included in the discussions with the Regents' Workgroups
       that have been recently established.  Dr. Ramsay will
       represent the presidents in the Public Corporation
       Workgroup;  Dr. Hunter-Cevera will represent the presidents
       in the Resource Development Group; Dr. Gira in the E&E

       2. Dr. Siegel, chair of the Council of University
       System Faculty, presented the report of the group.
       Main items on their agenda are:  Faculty workload
       issues; effectiveness and efficiencies; a review of
       sections of the reappointment and tenure policies;
       proposal for day in Annapolis for students to
       display their undergraduate and graduate research
       projects;  the development of appeal procedures for
       campus shared governance bodies to Chancellor and
       Board committees; and the establishment of
       procedures for faculty, staff and student
       involvement in the periodic review of high level
       campus administrators.
       Regent Florestano recommended that CUSF take a
       serious look at how public service is evaluated.
       Faculty should be encouraged to take part in outside
       engagements that are associated with K-16.  Report
       on file with the minutes.
       3. Mr. Hill presented the report of the Council of
       University System Staff.  Report on file with the
       4. Mr. Dan Purcell, acting chair of the University
       System Student Council, presented the Council's
       report.  Topics of the Council's interest include:
       Student/Faculty evaluations and how they are used to
       improve teaching on the campuses; diversity
       resolution; tuition; shared governance.  In
       addition, this year the council hopes to "elevate
       the conversation,"  e.g. is higher education in
       Maryland going to be more of a private good or a
       public good; assessing quality versus cost;
       reviewing legislation pertaining to students.
       Regent Kendall requested that USSC present specific
       information and suggestions in any of the three the
       BOR workgroups.  The Regents would appreciate the
       students' input.
       Regent Florestano requested that Mr. Purcell talk
       with the staff or her re: student/faculty
       Regent Kendall permitted Mr. Nathan Kennedy from the
       UMCP Student Government Association, to address the
       Board of Regents regarding student concerns about
       the rapidly rising tuition rates.  Remarks and a
       resolution from the UMCP SGE are on file.
       Following Mr. Kennedy's remarks, Regent Larson
       stated that raising tuition is a difficult decision;
       one that is not taken lightly by the Regents.  He
       requested that students bring ideas to the Regents
       on alternatives to raising tuition with the goal of
       maintaining quality, access and affordability.
       Regent Kendall thanked all of the participants who
       spoke at the recentFinance Committee for their input
       into the tuition discussion.

D.   Regent Florestano presented the report of the Education
     Policy Committee which met on September 24, 2003.

     1.   New Program Proposal:  Joint Master of Science in
          Accounting and Business Advisory Services between
          Towson University and the University of Baltimore.
          Motion for approval by Regent Florestano; seconded
          by Regent Rosapepe and unanimously approved.

     The following items were presented for information only:
     2.   Technology Fluency Implementation Reports
     3.   Status Report on Eastern Shore Higher Education Center
     4.   Teacher Education Status Report (a) Supply and
          Demand, (b) Associate of Arts in Teaching (ATT)
     5.   Impact of Budget Reductions on Service Entities
     6.   Tentative Agendas for 2003-2004

E.   Regent Nevins presented the report of the Finance
     Committee which met on October 9, 2003.

     Regent Nevins moved that items 6 through 10 be placed
     on the consent agenda; seconded by Regent Rosapepe.

     6.   Towson University Campus Master Plan 2002-2012
     7.   Proposed Modifications to Policy VII-7.23-Military
          Leave with Pay for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff
          Employees on Regular Status and VII-7.24-Call-up
          to Active Military Duty during a National or
          International Crisis or Conflict for USM Exempt
          and Nonexempt Staff Employees on Regular Status
     8.   UMES: Increase in Authorization for the Coastal
          Ecology Teaching and Research Laboratory
     9.   UMCP: Resolution to Authorize the Financing and
          Entering into an $8 Million Space Lease in the
          Riggs Alumni Center
     10.  UMCP: Lease for the Research Park Building #1

     Items were unanimously approved.

     Items 3 and 11 were removed from the Finance Committee agenda.

     Regent Nevins thanked all of the Board members,
     students, staff and faculty and others for their
     participation and input at the Finance Committee on the
     budget and tuition issues.

     Item 1 - USM: Fiscal Year 2005 Schedule of Tuition and
     Mandatory Fees

     Item 2 - USM: Fiscal Year 2005 Operating Budget Request
     - Current Services Budget

     Item 4 - USM: Separate List Request
     After discussion by the Regents, motion to approve by
     Regent Kendall with 12 Regents voting in favor of the
     items; 3 against (Pettit, Rosapepe, Shockley).
     Motion approved.
     Item 5 - Four-Year Tuition Plan Analysis and Item 12,
     Tuition Task Force Report were presented for
     information only.
F.   Workgroup Reports:

     1.   Regent Wood presented the report of the Resource
          Development Workgroup.   The work group will look
          at several major areas that will be more fully
          defined at the next meeting.   The agenda also
          includes a review of the Pappas Commission
          recommendations as they relate to the USM and a
          discussion of constituency relations and
          fundraising and seek campus input for resource
          development opportunities.

          Regent Wood also reported on the Facilities
          Renewal Workgroup,  a subgroup of the Finance
          Committee.  The subgroup consists of Regents
          Pevenstein and Wood and is staffed by Mark Beck of
          the USM Office.   It will gather information on
          campus facilities renewal needs and seek input on
          potential revenue sources that would help with
          this effort.

     2.   Regent Tydings presented the report of the Public
          Corporation Workgroup in the absence of Regent
          Johnson, chair of the workgroup.  Regent Johnson
          has had a number of meetings with individuals from
          the System as well as one regular workgroup
          meeting.  The group is looking at how other
          institutions are using the public corporation laws
          in their states.  The workgroup will bring in
          outside individuals to meet with members of the
          Board, presidents and legislators to share their
          ideas on the opportunities of public corporation
     3.   Regent Kendall presented report of the
          Effectiveness and Efficiencies Work Group.  The
          Work Group has met on numerous occasions; members
          of the group have met with presidents, academic
          and administrative vice presidents soliciting
          their assistance.  It will also solicit input from
          students, faculty and staff as well as outside
     Meeting adjourned:  11:55 a.m.