Approved 9/10/04


                  MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF
                        June 23, 2004
          University of Maryland University College
                      EXECUTIVE SESSION

     Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Larson seconded and the
Board of Regents voted unanimously to convene in Closed and
Executive Session with the Chancellor on Wednesday, June 23,
2004 at 8:30 a.m. at the University of Maryland, College
Park.  Those present were:   Chairman Kendall, Regents
Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Hug, Larson, Mandel, Nevins,
Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, Tydings, Wood and
Shockley; Chancellor Kirwan, Ms. Ryan, Assistant Attorney
Generals Anderson and Cobb and Regents-elect Gill and
Horine.  The Board of Regents reviewed items on the agenda
that were exempted under the Open Meetings Act for
consideration in closed and executive session. The meeting
adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

     Notes of the session attached.

Public Session:

     The meeting of the University System of Maryland Board
of Regents was called to order at 11:48 a.m. on June 23,
2004 at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Those in
attendance were:  Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan,
Florestano, Houghton, Hug, Larson, Mandel, Nevins, Pettit,
Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, Tydings, Wood and Shockley;
Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Goldstein, Schwab, and
Vivona, Presidents Boesch, Bogomolny, Caret, Gira, Heeger,
Hrabowski, Hunter-Cevera, Dudley-Eshbach, Lowe, Mote,
Ramsay, Vice President Ronnie Holden (UMES), Provost Sadie
Gregory (CSU), Ms. Ryan, Assistant Attorney General
Anderson, Regents-elect Gill and Horine and members of the
press and others.

A.   Welcoming remarks from Host Institution

     President Mote welcomed Regents, the Chancellor,
     Presidents and others to University of Maryland
     College Park.  He spoke on the importance of the faculty
     to an institution and recruiting faculty to fit the mission
     of the institution.

     He stated that UMCP is continuing to work to guarantee
     access to quality; and announced a campaign gala to be
     held in September, 2004 which will be   underwritten by a
     sponsor with all proceeds going into scholarships.

B.   Committee of the Whole

     1.   The minutes of the meeting of April 16, 2004 were
          unanimously approved

     2.   Chancellor's Annual Report - Chancellor Kirwan
          presented his annual report to the Board of
          Regents.  Full text on file with the minutes as well
          as on the USM Website.

     3.   Resolutions of Appreciation were read into the
          minutes for outgoing Regents Larson, Wood and
          Shockley.  Full resolutions attached.

     4.   Resolution of Appreciation was read into the
          minutes for retiring Assistant Attorney General
          John K. Anderson.  Full resolution attached.

     5.   Regent Finan, chair of the nominating committee,
          which included Regents Hug, Houghton and Johnson,
          presented the slate of officers for FY 05:

          Chair: Regent Kendall
          Vice Chair:  Regent Nevins
          Secretary:  Regent Pevenstein
          Treasurer: Regent Johnson
          Assistant Secretary:  Regent Houghton
          Assistant Treasurer:  Regent Florestano

          Seconded by Regent Wood and unanimously approved.

          Regent Kendall thanked the Board for the
          opportunity to chair the Board for another
          year and stated that it has been a privilege to work
          with all of the members.  Mr. Kendall stated that
          this is the hardest working board he has ever
          served with.  He also thanked the presidents for 
          their hard work over the year and looks forward to
          working with all during the upcoming year.

     6.   The Meeting Calendar for FY 05 was presented and
          unanimously approved.  A copy of the
          calendar is attached.

     7.   Contract between UMMS and University of Baltimore
          - action deferred until September meeting of the
          Board of Regents

C.   Reports of the Councils

     1.   Council of University System Presidents -
     President Gira thanked   outgoing regents Larson, Wood
     and Shockley for their leadership and   assistance
     during their tenure.  She also thanked John Anderson
     for all of his assistance to the campuses over the
          Dr. Gira thanked her fellow presidents for their
     assistance during her    tenure as Chair of CUSP and
     announced that President Bogomolny will assume
     CUSP leadership beginning in August 2004.
          President Hrabowski thanked Dr. Gira for the
     presidents and a standing ovation for Dr. Gira
     2.   Council of University System Faculty - Dr. Siegel
          presented a brief report of the Council.  She then
          announced that Dr. Lee Richardson of UB, will be
          the chair of CUSF for FY 2005.
          Regent Kendall thanked Dr. Siegel for her work as
          chair during the past year.
     3.   Council of University System Staff - Mr. Hill
          presented a brief report and  announced the new
          officers for FY 05:
          Bill Crocket - chair
          Angie Brickhouse - cochair
          Secretary - Marie Meehan
          Regent Kendall thanked Mr. Hill for his work as
          CUSS chair over the last two years.
     4.   University System Student Council - Regent
          Shockley stated that the next meeting of the USSC
          is scheduled for early September.  Mr. Nick  Arragon of
          UMCP will be the Council chair.  Regent Shockley
          thanked Joan Marionni, USM staff to the Council, for
          her work with the Council.
D.   Report of the Finance Committee:  Regent Nevins
presented the report of the meeting of the
Committee on Finance, which met on June 17, 2004.
     1.   FY 2006 capital budget request and System Priority
          Listing; FY 2006-2010 Capital Improvement Program; 
          FY 2006-2015 Ten Year Capital Plan.
          Note:  there is a slight modification to the
          materials mailed - rather than a   renovation for
          Bowie's fine arts building, there is a request for a
          replacement.  Also, although not a formal part of the
          motion, the    Committee recognizes that there are one
          or two projects for UB that   the Committee will
          recommend at higher priority in the funding que.
          Regent Nevins moved approval, seconded by Regent
          Wood and  unanimously approved.
     2.   FY 2005 System Funded Construction Program request:
          The Finance Committee recommended that the Towson
          University Children's Care Center be
          moved from a Public/Private Partnership
          funding by a $3.6 million auxiliary revenue bond.  It was
          thought unlikely the center would move
          forward as a Public/Private Partnership.
          Regent Nevins moved approval, seconded by Regent Hug and
          unanimously approved.

     3.   UMBC: 2003-2013 Facilities Master Plan - moved for
          approved by Regent Nevins, Seconded by Regent
          Shockley and unanimously approved.

     4.   Report of Facilities Renewal Workgroup - Final
          report will be presented at the September 10, 2004.  A
          questionnaire has been sent to the entire system asking 
          for specific facilities needs for each campus.

     5.   UMCP: Increase authorization to renovated Chemical
          and Nuclear Engineering Building.  Moved for approved by
          Regent Nevins, seconded by Regent Wood and unanimously

     6.   Proposed revisions to USM Policy VIII-2.01.  Moved
          for approval by  Regent Nevins, seconded by Regent Hug.
          After a brief discussion, it was unanimously approved.

     7.   Proposed modifications to Policy VII-1.40 -
          tabled until September meeting
     8.   UMBC: Case Management Services Contract Renewal.
          Moved for approval by Regent Nevins; seconded by
          Regent Rosapepe and unanimously approved.

     9.   Quarterly  Review of Capital Improvement
          projects. Information only.
     10.  Regent Shockley had presented a motion at the June
          17, 2004 meeting of the Finance Committee stating:
          "UMCP shall conduct an IT needs assessment to
          include both undergraduate and graduate student
          input and participation; and, report back in 60
          The institution should be prepared to provide a
          brief report to the Finance Committee at its
          August meeting regarding the finds of the needs
            Note:  UMCP had committed to revising the
            current process and conduct a needs assessment
            prior to the motion.
            Moved for approval by Regent Nevins; seconded
            by Regent Florestano and unanimously

E.   Education Policy Committee - Regent Florestano
presented the report of the meeting of the Education
Policy Committee, which met on June 16, 2004.  The items
were presented for information only.

     1.   FY 2003 Financial Aid Report for USM Undergraduates
     2.   Report of the External Review Committee for the
          University of Maryland Center for Environmental 
          Science.  Dr. Boesch gave a brief summary.
     3.   Role and Function of the BOR Education Policy Committee
     4.   Minority Achievement:  Status Report
     5.   K-16 Update
          Dr. Nancy Shapiro gave a brief presentation on the K-16.
     6.   Annual Report on Intercollegiate Athletics - full 
          report on file with the Board office.

F.   Report of Workgroups
     1.   Resource Development Workgroup report
     presented by Regent Wood.  There are
     plans for an 8-year capital campaign with a
     preliminary goal of $1.5 billion.  The Workgroup
     understands that the ability to meet the goals is
     dependent on funding of the resources for
     the capital campaign itself.  Sources of money
     to fund the capital campaign would be from three
     possible areas:
          a.   Raise money from outside sources or from
               the state that would go into
               first three or four years of campaign.
          b.   For the remaining part of the campaign,
               the institutions would use
               the influx of funds and other internal
               resources to build up their own funding to 
               complete the campaign.
          c.   A potential source of funds is to sell
               unused state properties in inventory.
               Draft plan has been circulated to presidents
               and vice presidents with a final plan
               evolving over the year.  Campuses will provide
               their individual campaign goals by December 31, 

          2.   Report of the Public Corporation Workgroup
     was presented by Regent Kendall.  The work
     of the workgroup resulted in legislation on
     program approval, the common trust investment, and the
     USM autonomy bill being introduced by the
     Governor and passing unanimously in both
     houses with the endorsement of the Speaker
     of the House and the President of the Senate.

          3.   Efficiencies and Effectiveness Workgroup
     report presented by Regent Kendall.  The
     workgroup continues to work on finding ways
     for the System to be more effective and efficient.  The
     System has contracted with Accenture for outside
     consulting services.  They are working
     with the campuses to collect data.
     Regent Kendall thanked the presidents and their staffs
     for the information provided to the
G.   Adjournment:  2:00 p.m.