Approved June 23, 2004



April 16, 2004

University of Maryland University College



Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Nevins seconded and the Board of Regents voted unanimously to convene in Closed and Executive Session with the Chancellor on Friday, April 16, 2004 at 11:20 a.m. at the University of Maryland University College. Those present were: Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Johnson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, Tydings, Wood and Shockley; Chancellor Kirwan, Ms. Ryan, Assistant Attorney Generals Anderson and Short. The Board of Regents reviewed items on the agenda that were exempted under the Open Meetings Act for consideration in closed and executive session. The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Notes of the session attached.



Chairman Kendall called the Public Session of the Board of Regents meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. at the University of Maryland University College. Those present were: Chairman Kendall, Regents Finan, Florestano, Houghton, Johnson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, Tydings, Wood and Shockley; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Goldstein and Vivona, Interim Vice Chancellor Dillon, Associate Vice Chancellor Bryce, Presidents Battle, Boesch, Bogomolny, Caret, Dudley-Eshbach, Gira, Heeger, Hunter-Cevera, Lowe, Mote, Ramsay, Thompson, Vice Presidents Johnson and Behm (UMBC), Vice President McNeill (Coppin), Assistant Attorney Generals Anderson and Short, Dr. Susan Schwab, Ms. Ryan and USM staff members, members of the press and other observers.

Regent Kendall introduced incoming Regent R. Michael Gill and Student Regent Jeremy Horine.

A. Remarks from the Host Institution - Gerald A. Heeger, President,

welcomed the Regents, Presidents and others to the new 125 room/100,000 sq. ft. hotel building The building was designed with executive education in mind; the building has a certification from the Green Council - becoming the second "green" hospitality facility in the world. A grand opening is planned for June, 2004. UMUC has received a major international award for on-line education. The University will be graduating 6000 students this spring.

B. Committee of the Whole

  1. Presentation of the Board of Regents 2004 Faculty Awards - Regent Kendall and Chancellor Kirwan presented Regent Faculty Awards to the following:
  2. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity
    Thomas Cronin - UMBC
    John Guthrie - UMCP

    Augustine DiGiovanna - SU
    Gloria Neubert - TU
    James Wallace - UMCP
    Public Service

    Peter Leone - UMCP
    Jane Murphy - UB

    Liddell Louise Madden - SU
    L. Jay Bishop - UMES

    James S. Gates - UMCP
    Nancy Miller - UMBC

  3. Approval of the Minutes from the meeting of February 13, 2004 (action)

  4. Approval of the Minutes from the Special Meeting of March 18, 2004 (action)
    The Minutes from February 13, 2004 and March 18, 2004 were unanimously approved.

  5. Appointment of Nominating Committee for '04-'05 - Regent Kendall announced the Regents Nominating Committee for the selection of Board officers for FY'05: Regent Finan, will chair the committee; other members of the committee are Regents Richard Hug, Nina Houghton and Orlan Johnson.
  6. Chancellor's Report - Chancellor Kirwan

  7. Complete report is on file with the minutes. Chancellor Kirwan introduced Susan Schwab as the new USM Foundation President and Vice Chancellor for Advancement. He then thanked John Dillon, Interim USM Foundation President and Vice Chancellor for Advancement for his service.

    Chancellor Kirwan then thanked the Regents and Presidents for their support during the successful 2004 legislative session. Items noted:

  • Board clearly articulated budget statements;
  • Process of determining legislative agenda through workgroup presented a clear agenda;
  • Everyone supported priorities and worked together to see that agenda realized. Incredible participation by everyone; orchestrated by Joe Bryce, Anne Moultrie and Roz Hamlett involving Regents, faculty, staff, students and Institutional state relations representatives. This is a model we must use in the future

Regent Florestano noted that the Chancellor was a major factor of the success.

Regent Kendall stated that Chancellor Kirwan orchestrated the session and acknowledged the participation of Regents and Presidents; their work was very influential. Under Chancellor Kirwan's leadership we all worked as a team and the results speak for themselves.

C. Reports of the Advisory Councils

  1. Council of University System Presidents - President Gira presented the CUSP report. The legislative session was very successful. "I don't remember a year that the Regents were more organized, articulate, and energized on behalf of the System." The legislators had a clear understanding this year that the USM is not overfunded and that the system had taken a serious disproportion of funding cuts.
  2. Two successes: The approval of the public corporation legislation removes the USM from position control and the sunset Program Approval bill extends flexiblity with program approvals. These initiatives came from the Board's Public Corporation Workgroup.

    Efficiency and Effectivness efforts: President Gira presented an overview of the E&E subgroups. One is looking at extending and expanding on-online education to students in System, chaired by President Heeger. Another subgroup, chaired by Dr. Caret, is reviewing collaborations between institutions to yield administrative efficiencies across the System. In addition, Vice Chancellor Goldstein is working with academic vice presidents and provosts on academic initiatives.

    Regent Kendall reiterated that the Board and Presidents are working to make the System as effective and efficient as we possibly can. Our presidents are committed to these initiatives which makes the job of the Regents must easier.

  3. Chairman Siegel presented the report of the Council of University System Faculty
  4. She congratulated the Regent Faculty award winners and commended the Board for continuing the awards. Dr. Siegel thanked Regent Kendall for speaking at the February meeting of CUSF. The System sponsored a poster day during the legislative session showcasing research being done by USM students at the Miller Office Building was a success and hopefully will be repeated next year. Dr. Siegel thanked the Regents and System staff for their work with the legislature this year and for recognizing the importance of the faculty involvement to the System.

  5. Mr. Roy Ross presented the report of the Council of University System Staff for Chairman Hill. He stated that there was excellent participation this year in the Regents Staff awards nominations with 12 institutions participating.
  6. The Council was well received in Annapolis this year when speaking with legislators. He thanked the Regents, Chancellor and presidents for their work during the legislative session.

  7. Student Regent Shockley presented the report of the University System Student Council for Mr. Purcell. He thanked Regent Wood for attending their most recent meeting and encouraged the regents to attend the USSC meetings with possible. The Council is happy about the outcome of the legislative session; Annapolis 101 went very well and all institutions worked to have students attend. Mr. Shockley announced that Nick Arragon from UMCP will be the Chair of USSC for next year.

D. Regent Nevins presented the report of the Committee on Finance which met on March 18, 2004.

Regent Nevins asked to place items 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the consent agenda; seconded by Regent Finan

1. Approval of the minutes of the March 18, 2004 meeting (action)

2. USM: Twenty-Third Bond Resolution (action)

5. UMB: Dental Clinic Operations Contract Exceeding $5 million (action)

6. UMBC: Food Service Contract Renewal (action)

7. Technical Revisions to USM-BOR Policy VII-7.50 - Family and Medical Leave for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees (action)

8. Technical Revisions to USM-BOR Policy VII-7.40 - Accident Leave for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees (action)

Items were unanimously approved.

3. Enrollment Projections: 2004-2013 (action)

Regent Nevins moved the approval of the 2004-2012 Enrollment Projections; seconded by Regent Kendall. A special meeting of the Finance Committee will be scheduled in July to discuss the issues of enrollment growth and management. The meeting will include all board members and presidents.

Regent Tydings suggested that the Chancellor should consider having community college participation at this meeting also. Chancellor Kirwan stated that this was an excellent idea.

Following discussion, unanimously approved.

4. Self-Support Charges and Fees for FY 2005 (action)

Regent Nevins moved approval, seconded by Regent Tydings and approved.

9. USM: Report on Procurement Contracts between $1 million and $5 million for FY 2003 (information)

Regent Nevins asked Vice President Porcari of UMCP to give a brief summary of the recently approved energy contact for natural gas and electricity. UMCP generates its own power on campus and intends to generate as much power as possible to balance the lower natural gas prices against the higher electric prices.

Regent Wood complimented the campus for energy conservations and encouraged other campuses to follow the model.

Regent Nevins suggested that other campuses in close proximity to one another look into this type of RFP.

E. Report of the Committee on Education Policy - Regent Florestano

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the March 17, 2004 meeting

  2. Minutes of the March 17, 2004 meeting unanimously approved.

  3. USM Enrollment Projections, 2004-2013 (information; approved through Finance Committee)
  4. New Academic Program Proposals (action)

a. UMB: Master of Public Health - Motion to approve by Regent Florestano, seconded by Regent Wood and unanimously approved.

b. UMUC: Bachelor of Science in Finance- Motion to approve by Regent Florestano, seconded by Regent Larson and unanimously approved.

c. UMUC: Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Public Policy - Motion to approve by Regent Florestano, seconded by Regent Tydings and unanimously approved.

4. Funding Model for Agriculture Extension Service/Cooperative Extension Service. They will provide additional the board with additional informational budget details as to how these programs are being funded. It will be similar to the detail of other research centers. The Committee on Education Policy recommends that the Board of Regents do the following:

1. Direct UMCP to detail separately the unrestricted general fund revenue from AES/CES, Veterinary Medicine and the Institute for Government Service from the total unrestricted general funds in the working budget and budget request documents.

2. Direct UMES to detail separately the unrestricted general fund revenue for Agriculture Experiment Service from the total unrestricted general funds in the working budget and budget request documents submitted to the Board of Regents.

Regent Florestano moved approval; seconded by Regent Nevins and unanimously approved.

5. Biennial Report on Cooperation in Agriculture Programs at UMCP and UMES Report accepted as information item.

F. New Business

1. Report of the Workgroups, Regents Kendall, Johnson and Wood

Regent Kendal presented the report of the Efficiency and Effectiveness Workgroup. The individual universities have been working on their own extensively on E&E initiatives. Areas that the committee is looking at are: collaborative efforts, enrollment reallocations and on-line course development. An outside consultant will be looking at the administrative processes.

Regent Wood presented the report of the Resource Development Workgroup. The group is working on the preliminary planning for the $1.5 billion 7-year Systemwide fund raising campaign.

Regent Wood also reported on the subcommittee looking at the current status of facilities renewal on all of the campuses. Regent Kendal thanked Regents Wood and Pevenstein for their work on the subcommittee.

The Public Corporation Workgroup report was given by Regent Johnson. He stated that the workgroup has been a tremendous success working for the removal of position caps and classification the public corporation status of USM in the legislature. He thanked the presidents and campus government relations offices as well as Joe Bryce and Roz Hamlett and the whole System team for their excellent work and support.

G. New Business

Regent Larson expressed satisfaction after 5 years of hard work following a task force he chaired culminating in great legislative session; he thanked those who made it happen.

F. Adjournment: 11:12 a.m.